Zabiel Judah vs Matthew Hatton

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Attraction, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Attraction

    Attraction Member

    This is happening on the JMM vs PBF undercard.

    Anything less than Judah KO1 would surprise me here. Matthew Hatton isn't even good at domestic level in Britain.
  2. derrida

    derrida Member

    Last time I saw Judah fighting at the Garden he was really lousy, though. Got cut early and basically ran the entire rest of the time to win a close decision. This Hatton truly is not very good, but I bet he'll take Judah into the late rounds and probably lose widely on points.
  3. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    I pray Hatton wins and closes the chapter on Zab Judah.

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