Zab Judah vs Kaizer Mabuza, Final Predictions & R-B-R.

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  1. Erik

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    Mabuza vs Judah: No Deal, Purse Bid is Scheduled
    Posted by: Lem Satterfield on 12-28-2010.

    With no deal in sight, the promoters for junior welterweights Zab Judah and Kaizer Mabuza are scheduled to be involved in a purse bid at the IBF headquarters in East Orange, N.J., on Thursday concerning the right to hold the organization's junior welterweight title between the two fighters.

    Kathy Duva, CEO of Main Events, promotes the 33-year-old Judah (39-6, 26 KOs), and Branco Milenkovic, of South Africa, promotes the 30-year-old Mabuza (23-6-3, 14 KOs).

    "The status is that right now, there is a purse bid scheduled for Thursday for that fight. Hopefully, the winner of that purse bid will put on the fight within 30 days," said IBF Championships Chairman, Lindsay Tucker.

    "It is a 50-50 split of the earnings between the two fighters. Kaizer is ranked No. 1 by the IBF, and Judah is No. 2. Where the fight will be held is up to the winning bidder."
  2. Rebel

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    Assuming Mabuza is half way decent, he should win. Judah has been done for awhile now.
  3. Erik

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    Mabuza just upset Kendall Holt early 2010(Only time I saw him fight) and then did nothing rest of year. A Joshua Clottey type fighter that will press Zab. Should be a good fight.
  4. Erik

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    Looks like Main events won the bid and it will be held at the Prudential center in NJ.
  5. Rebel

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    Judah hired Pernell Whittaker for this fight. Will that make a difference?

    I still think today's Judah is in a tough fight with anyone halfway decent. Judah will probably get off to a good start only to fade late. I'm leaning towards Mabuza in 11.
  6. The Hitman

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    Mabuza doesn't impress me. I think Judah wins
  7. Ringside

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    Judah is becoming to the Pru Center in North Jersey what Gatti was to Boardwalk Hall in south Jersey....the main boxing icon of New business move on Zabs part....Ringo
  8. O-Dogg33

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    Zab's always been a frontrunner. I don't think i've seen him gut out a victory ever. The first Spinks fight was as close as he's ever come to pulling a comeback win. I think he'll build up a big enough lead early on and win a razor thin close decision.
  9. TysonFan

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    This is a easy one to pick. Judah will win.

    If Judah does not win then Im wrong. So be it.
  10. Administrator Staff Member

    The main event is only a few fights away.
  11. Administrator Staff Member

    So far the televised card has featured no name fighters with a handful of bouts under their belts.
  12. Administrator Staff Member

    Tomasz Adamek was interviewed. It was a bit difficult to fully understand his English, but it sounds like he said Wladimir is going to fight him in Poland.
  13. Administrator Staff Member

    Co-Main Event is up next, Tarvis Simms (26-1-1, 11 KOs) vs. John Mackey (13-5-2, 6 KOs). Mackey is 4-5-2 in his last 11 fights.
  14. Administrator Staff Member

    Simms has won the first two rounds. He's outworking Mackey in close quarters. This fight is only scheduled for 8 rounds.
  15. Administrator Staff Member

    Simms continues his dominance through round four. Mackey put together some good punches in the round, but they didn't seem to have any real effect.
  16. Administrator Staff Member

    Mike Tyson was spotted in the crowd.

    Jameel McCline is ringside helping to call the action.
  17. Administrator Staff Member

    Round 5

    Simms cruising, really steps up the action towards the end of the round. He landed several head-snapping punches.
  18. Administrator Staff Member

    Round 6

    Good action round. Mackey fought on even terms for about half the round. He seemed to tire towards the latter half and Simms took advantage by bullying him up against the ropes.
  19. Administrator Staff Member

    Tarvis Simms wins a unanimous decision.
  20. Administrator Staff Member

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