Yuri Foreman history in the making!!!!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Mexican Eagle, May 26, 2010.

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    I will be heart broken if Miguel loses and leaves the sport, but as I said he has a promotion company in association with Top Rank running this card I believe, so in the end he will go on without having to get hurt. I would love to rematch him with Margarito with total inspection of the wraps but feel it will not happen ... It has been so much fun watching him move up the weights and he has given us so much fun and great fights..his Puerto Rican weekend fights are legendary now in New York and the Island and I enjoyed all those great weekends in New York with the parade the next day and all the great food and pretty girls,,,lol...and ironically Cotto this time is fighting PR weekend on the "white man's time"...as the real fight will be the week after at the Garden as always headlining Calderon. I have followed Yuri for years from his start and I believe first saw him I believe in Providence Rhode Island on a Manfredo Jr. undercard, when Peter was beginning his so called comeback..and hopefully when he gets beaten but not hurt too badly, he will follow his true calling and be a Rabbi..lol..Ringo
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    Haha. That's what I was thinking when I typed that. And yes, I am a catholic.
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    Foreman by SD!

    I think Cotto's best days are behind him and he has never recovered from Margacheato's plaster. Yuri doesn't do a lot of great things as a fighter, but he seems to be improving each time out and with Cotto on the downside, this may be Foreman's turn to shine. As long as Foreman gets through say those first 4-5 rounds where Cotto could be like the old Cotto I think he could win this. I also think that Manny Steward's greatness left with Tommy Hearns and that's sad. Or maybe it's just that the fighters of the past were better trained and cared more about fighting than they do today. I don't know.

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    stewart is way overrated as a trainer in my opinion.
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    WAAAAY overated is right.

    So is Buddy McGirt, ever since he tried to train Gatti to "outbox" Floyd Mayweather.
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    i thought Gatti won the first round
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    Judging off their mitt work that they did at todays workout which i just got back from, I wonder how much training they actually did together.
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    His promotional company is no different than Roy Jones', Mayweather's, and the Klitschko's. It's just to get a bigger cut from their own fights. Not including their own fights, I'd be shocked if those three companies combined with Cotto's, has put on more than five fights in the past five years.

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