your thoughts on.....lennox lewis?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ron Champ Miller, Oct 8, 2009.

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    I've never been enthralled with Lewis the fighter and I'm sure that comes as no surprise, however I always found Lewis and his approach to his career to be grounded, sensible, knew the right way to do things and despite criticisms stuck to his path. Intelligent almost to a fault, personally I thought he lacked the instinctual qualities of a great fighter, he had all the tools but to me thought his way around a bit too much.
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    That's a criticism that was levelled at him a lot during his career yeah, and it's hard to argue with it when you look at some of his fights.

    Lewis seemed to have a killer instinct in certain fights but not others, that much is true. He could have and should have stopped Holy in the first meeting in my opinion, he held Tyson up for about 4 more rounds than he should have...but the same thing can be said of Ali at his very best, he punished Patterson for 13 rounds rather than KO him, and clowned his way to almost defeat against Cooper.

    Lewis for me showed all his instinctive fighting qualities in a few fights but no more than against Klitschko in his last fight. Most over the hill, undertrained, fat HW champs would have lost that night but Lewis realised early on that he needed to turn it into a brawl, and that's exactly what he did - forget the scorecards as they're as irrelevent as the scorecards were for Clay V Cooper. A great fighter does what he needs to do to win, and even at his advanced age Lewis did it. Just my take.
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  4. thanks for the replies..well for me sir Lennox lewis was one of my faves....i could care less if he was gay (dont think he is, maybe feminine?) boring (what does that mean? that he could box? protected his chin? didnt take chances? did enough to win? i prefer the RJJs, sweet pea's and floyds, but whatever...i dont like a 2 blokes beating the crap out of each other in a back alley bar fight (ward v gatti)..skill people, skill

    watch LL v tua or LL v holy for a masterful ko's/tkos? watch the big man v golota or hasbeen II, grant, botha, briggs, morrison...

    i would put his resume up against anyone...lionel butler? crackhead? sure..but if you didnt know, butler reminded me of a young mike tyson..he was that good..check him out.sure he had some stinkes...akinwande, mavrovic...maybe he lost to mercer..again, move along, nothing to see could say that about any fighter

    he lost 2 fights out of 43...2....sure they were embarrassing and it should not have happened but again, look at the circumstances

    mccall - lucky punch..avenged in rematch.some say it was stopped prematurely...i dont agree but...

    hasbeen - weird time start, he had not been training because of the movie, was supposed to be kirk johnson, hasbeen had been training in africa for a month

    again a lucky punch which was avenged in the rematch..see a pattern here?

    was his chin that bad? i say no..if it was wouldnt he have got stopped more that twice?...i say men that are that big will punch harder than diaperweights..look at his resume..LOTS of heavy handed hitters

    he is not respected/liked because we want our heavyweight champ to be outrageous, like a mike tyson or sonny liston...a trash talker like a ali..or just american...

    we dont want barry sanders, who after scored a TD, handed the ball to the official like he had been there b4..we want chad ocho cinco or TO...loudmouths w/no class

    he just won..just won...

    i think him not being from this country hurt...can you imagine if he was? gold medalist?
    boxer with a big punch?
    and how many times does one lose in the olympics, but waits another 4 yrs to go back? boxers i mean? not too many

    also he retired...unheard of today..he NEVER came back..he said it and he kept his word..he is also wealthy and healthy..again, unheard of these days in the corrupt sport of boxing...called out the 'politricks' of the sport....

    worse decision ever? holy v LL I..terrible..but he came back and beat the holyman again

    and bowe ducked him, no doubt...and i respect him that he did it his dk or arum..until late..he took care of his own bizness, fights.he was no 'house fighter', and it probably cost him early, anyways

    he is also confused about where he was from..was in britain? canada? jamaica?

    my final pt..just look at the division now....thank you

    i was probably one of the few americans who enjoyed his reign..much less british..he wasnt as charming as bruno..or controversial as benn or a showman as eubank

    case closed..not sure if LL is top 10 of all time, those rating are subjective, imo maybe not even top 20..but he was great..and he is missed

    and wth is ole roy doing in my thread!!
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    great post ron - but completely undermined by stating you dont kno if he is top ten all time

    fuckin-A, bang my head into a wall
  6. again, thats all subjective, imo

    hard to compare fighters/athletes of one era or another imo

    again, i cant put him above ali, louis, frazier, foreman, dempsey, johnson, liston, patterson, the rock, charles, tunney or holmes...and theres more than 10 right there

    top 20? probably

    one thing i forgot to mention...he fought and beat everyone from his era...bowe? ducked...ruiz? please...byrd? cmon...he ko's em both

    wlad? he beats him too (i think wlad is better than vitali)

    like fine wine, lewis got better w/age...really unusual for a heavyweight fighter, unless your big gorge...not sure if it was ALL manny or not, but either way

    i just think alot of these boxing trainers are shall we say, overrated
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    you rank ezzard charles over lennox lewis as a heavyweight? i know i was drunk in the tito-dlh thread but are you being serious?
  8. your right..perhaps charles is more of a lw then heavy, though he did have some good fights at that division

  9. The Hitman

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    you can make a case for tyson. i don't think so, personally. i rank Louis, Ali, Holmes, Johnson, Rocky, Foreman & Frazier over Lennox, in that order. I can see people making a case for Holyfield & Tyson, tho i strongly disagree with them. I really don't think you can rank anyone else over Lennox, no matter how much anyone tries to dress it up with fancy words or justifications, its all folly. Lennox is a top ten all time heavyweight without any question
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    Lewis "sucks".
  11. The Hitman

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    top ten all time heavyweight
  12. Valentino

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    Nahhh...maybe top 15. But not top 10.

    The UK looking for a is understandable.

    And HBO PR job for the likeable "sucker" is the main reason he is considered by some as "top 10". Problem is...I doubt he would have done anything in ANY other era.

    I would give him 13-15 spot.
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    Charles had more than some good fights. Nine title defenses squeezed into two years and went pretty well undefeated as a heavyweight before winning the title, a 4-5 year stretch.
  14. The Hitman

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    top ten without question
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    I agree, people tend to overrate the by-gone eras simply because it's gone. If people could just try to be subjective and not let the lying on a pedestal by-gone era cloud their subjectivity they'd see things more clearly.
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    That's the problem...if we apply objectivity then there is NO comparisons between fighters that fought 10-15 times a year, 15+ rounders, and were considered the UNDISPUTED champ. Especially when comparing them to fighters that collect one of four titles, fight 12 rounders (and out of shape too), and 1 to 2 fights a year.

    HBO and SHOWTIME with a dosis of internet has made of average fighters (by historical standars) superstars.

    Boxing is the ONLY sport that is degressing. Fighters "fight" less, rely of more weight classes and titles to collect a title. And have shorter careers.

    Yep...if we were objectives and go by the numbers and quality of opposition...we would not be debating in this thread. But we debate the issue of Lewis, because the UK is so hungry for a "HW superstar" that they are willing to pick a bastardize Canadian with a fake accent that career fame came out of defeating two way past their primes American fighters.

    That's the UK and T.V.for you.
  17. Valentino

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    By the is a matter of time before another Tyson like figure that captivate the imagination comes into the HWY. Once that happen...Lewis will be all forgotten.
  18. like michael jordan, there will never be another mike tyson

    one that storms on the scene but is much like a shooting star

    i dont think that has any bearing on LL
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    no more forgotten than holmes, holyfield, louis or any other previous great fighter
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    Such is the societal era in which we find ourselves living. Selective memory loss is part and parcel of the everyday hustle that we call life.

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