Your favorite KO of all time...please include video...

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Buddy Rydell, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Buddy Rydell

    Buddy Rydell The People's Champion!

    Freddie Pendleton ends Roger Mayweather with one of the best and worst bombs I've ever seen. The followup is pretty damn bad. Freddie was not someone to sleep on.
  2. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    My favourite happened in Chicago a few years ago. Unfortunately I never saw it, and I can't find it on youtube.

  3. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    Joking aside, I think this one is my all time favourite, one of my all time favourite fighters too - Mike McCallum.

  4. neo_wolf

    neo_wolf Boxing Fanatic's greatest


    Beautiful brutal KO by Benitez.
  5. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    Wow I've never seen that. Nice work.

    If it had been a clean KO I'd have put Ibeabuchi V Byrd in this too, what a shot it was that dropped Byrd in that fight :eeeeeky:
  6. Attraction

    Attraction Member

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  7. whiskey

    whiskey ↔Öµ⌠╟⌠

    I can't think of a favorite off the top of my head. I always found this one quite impressive:

  8. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    Forgot about that one....the noise of that punch :eeeeeky:

    I prefer the Foreman commentary though, when he keeps saying 'UNHEARD OF' :lol:
  9. Joe King

    Joe King Member

    Lewis vs Rahman 2 I would post the youtube video but I dont' know how and it's 10 minutes long.
  10. Jeremy

    Jeremy Member

    Jackson KO2 Norris

  11. Jeremy

    Jeremy Member

    Mercer KO Morrison

  12. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    by far my favorite
  13. Xplosive

    Xplosive Member

    Julian Jackson's KO of Drayton is my all time fav. It was awesome how Julian pointed down the the canvas the moment he landed that hook. Jackson had unreal power.
  14. ericjw

    ericjw Member

  15. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    mexicans, quickly, cue up the sanchez destruction of gomez for the 1 millionth time!
  16. Lefty

    Lefty Member

  17. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    Jackson, Rosario, Wilfredo Vazquez, Arguello (lot of his), Tyson, Gomez, Chavez, Cuevas, Hearns, Duran...those guys have some vicious knock outs in their arsenal.
  18. handolo

    handolo Member

    wasn't gomez tkoed?
  19. Attraction

    Attraction Member

    The one I posted is by far the best KO of all times.
  20. meetthefeebles

    meetthefeebles "He can't punch shit!"

    A couple from me.

    This one is mentioned above but it is worth putting up again. I remember watching the pre-fight build up with Rahman, who unlike everyone else on earth clearly didn't realise the first fight was a complete fluke, banging on Lewis' dressing room door and shouting bullshit (at one point telling Lennox he was 'gonna beat him like a dog'). Lewis just sat there impassively as his hands were wrapped, looking like he was going to snap Hasim in half. He just about did...:haha:

    This is my favourite 'Hawk' KTFO. As said above, Jackson had just freakish KO power and poor Herol is out long before he hits the floor. The British commentator sounds like he wants to cry too...


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