Your current top 10 fighters?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Oct 12, 2009.

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    It's the same case as DLH being a heavy favorite over Pacquiao, but Pacquiao beat the living shit out of him. When those who picked DLH claimed that he was weight drained dead man, you dismissed those excuses and argued that Pacquiao should've been given credit because he was a heavy underdog.

    Yet with Hopkins, you claim it was a smart selection of opponent because he knew he could beat his style. Hopkins wasn't supposed to win that fight. You didn't think he would win that fight. If you knew Pavlik had the style as Trinidad, then I'm very suprised that you picked him. At the end of the day, Hopkins was coming off of a shitty performance in his previous fight which suggested that he was over the hill, schooled an undefeated fighter who was over a decade younger than himself, and won every minute of every round. You choose not to give credit to the man who won the fight - the man who proved you wrong after you picked him to lose clearly.

    That's inconsistent.

    How can you accuse a guy of cherry picking when you picked his opponent to beat him?????????????? If I'm cherry picking, I'm staying away from the guy that people are saying will take my head off!!!
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    I mistakenly put great emphasis on the layoff. So what? No one is perfect. I still picked Mayweather to win.

    Try again B-Boy.
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    picked JMM to win by SD. Despite having JMM PFP #1. Then after the fight is over you were claiming victory because JMM went 12 despite losing every round.:rotf::rotf::rotf:
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    Wrong. I officially picked PBF.

    However, in the predictions contest (I even stated my intentions), I took a gamble with JMM since everyone was picking PBF. It was strategy to try to make up some key points.

    Try again, B-Boy. hammery
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    Valdosta's Posture in This Thread

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    Hardly. unlike some people who pick both sides of stuff I made my position clear and backeed it with facts. People can try to twist the facts anyway they want to but Hopkins has been fighting smaller guys for years.
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    I'm surprised Marquez cracked your top 50 :haha:
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    Val's list is pretty good

    1) Manny Pacquiao
    2) Floyd Mayweather
    3) Paul Williams
    4) Vitali Klitschko
    5) Shane Mosley
    6) JMM
    7) Bernard Hopkins
    8) Chad Dawson
    9) JuanMa Lopez
    10) Miguel Cotto

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