Your current top 10 fighters?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Rebel

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    Let see your top 10 lists.

    Time to get rid of the faded versions of Izzy and Rafa.
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  2. Valdosta

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    Wow, they are finally coming back to fight and you are throwing them out? :haha:
  3. edder


    P4P list In order
    Shane Mosley
    Manny Paquiao
    Floyd Mayweather
    Miguel Cotto
  4. TLC

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  5. Valentino

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    I will wait until after the Dawson-Pavlin and the Cotto-Pac fights to come up with my Top 10.
  6. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    I'm assuming you mean Dawson/Johnson II, Cotto/Pac, and Pavlik/Williams.
  7. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    1. Manny Pacquiao
    2. Floyd Mayweather Jr
    3. Bernard Hopkins
    4. Shane Mosley
    5. Juan Manuel Marquez
    6. Paul Williams
    7. Miguel Cotto
    8. Israel Vasquez
    9. Chad Dawson
    10. Kelly Pavlik
    11. Nonito Donaire
    12. Rafael Marquez
    13. Mikkell Kessler
    14. Ivan Calderon
    15. Ricky Hatton
  8. TLC

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  9. edder


  10. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    Care to elaborate, with something other than smilies?

    Smilies don't win arguments against me, but there isn't too much else that does either. :lol:

    Oh yeah, where is your list? :headscratch:
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  11. TysonFan

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    IMO The Klitschko brothers do belong in the top 10.
  12. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    There are a number of fighters who deserve to be in the top 10 IMO, but there can only be so many of them.
  13. Rabid Kimba

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  14. Laztrooper

    Laztrooper Administrator

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw that post. Not exactly the most thought out post especially considering that it's something most people agree with.
  15. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    Even Floyd will tell you that Manny Pacquiao is #1 Pound for Pound.

    Mayweather was quoted by GMANEWS.TV as saying, “Pacquiao can be called the best pound-for-pound, you can just call me the cash king. You know stats don’t lie. I don’t fight for bragging rights, I fight for checks!"

    Putting that aside, it's not difficult to determine that Pacquiao currently deserves the distinction.

    He's been moving UP in weight and WINNING fights spectacularly in which he was a decisive underdog or at least even money.

    Mayweather, possibly the most skilled and naturally gifted athlete in the sport, was off for 21 months and his last two fights took place in his weight class against opponents who were naturally 1 and 2 weight classes BELOW his.

    I give credit to guys who can move up in weight and maintain their success. Mayweather found reasons not to fight Cotto.

    Cotto wasn't his own boss.
    Cotto fights for Bob Arum.
    Cotto needs to leave Arum and start his own company before they could even talk about making a fight... blah blah blah.....

    You know what I say to that? Shut the fuck up Floyd, because Manny is fighting Cotto in his next fight and didn't think otherwise about it for a single second beforehand.

    Lately, the difference between Pacquiao and Mayweather has been....

    I think Mayweather would beat Fighter A, Fighter B, and Fighter C....
    Pacquiao FIGHTS Fighter A, Fighter B, and Fighter C... without fear of losing or obsessing too much over money.

    At the end of the day, I give credit to the man who FIGHTS the FIGHTS.

    Some of these boxing fans really need to do their homework.
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  16. Valentino

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    Yes...that's what I meant. Dawson, Cotto, Pac, Pavlik and William ALL are in my top 15 list. So, I want to wait.
  17. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    I reviewed my list. Wladimir Klitschko, rather than Ricky Hatton, probably deserves to be placed at #15 on my list.
  18. REED

    REED Member

    Floyd OR Manny Pac is # 1...The Rest Doesn't Really Matter...

  19. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    Pac is WITHOUT a doubt the #1.

    I don't even think Floyd is #2.

    Floyd? Based on what? What has he done in the last 24 months? He only fought ONCE and against a guy 2 weight classes below him.

    Bernard fought and defeated Winky Wright and Pavlik. He did lose a very close fight by Split Decision against Calghaze. cannot tell me that Hatton was better than Tarver (then recognized universaly as the Light Hwy Champ).

    Mosley has a good argument as he defeated two very good Welterweights in Margarito and Collazo. He also defeated Mayorga. And lost a VERY close fight to Cotto.
  20. Rabid Kimba

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