You Can Give The Man A Million Drug Tests And It Still Won't Clear His Name.

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Michael Matos, Jan 2, 2010.

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    I admit that I will never give him the benefit of the doubt in the future, but I also admit that Pacquiao was ONE test away from getting the benefit of the doubt from everyone. When Floyd made the request, he should have agreed to it immediately, or within a day or so, and taken a test right then. That would have been his first 'random' test and it would have given the impression that Pacquiao wasn't afraid of being tested. Instead we got what we got and now Pacq deserves what he gets. Forty million dollars down the drain...
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    Obviously Manny cares more about his name and honor than his pocketbook. This is really a pissing contest...mayweather and Golden Boy trying to get the upper hand. Plain and simple.

    You don't hear anyone asking Shane Mosley to submit to blood testing and he admitted to doing steroids. Mosley is a partner in Golden Boy. Golden Boy had the exact opposite stance over a year ago.

    Let Floyd sit out until he feels comfortable fighting Manny.

    Better yet, let's see if he asks any of his future opponents to take the same type tests.

    While I'm thinking about it...when Floyd fought Marquez...when they took urine samples from Marquez, did he spit or piss into the cup?
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    I appreciate it. Good stuff miKe.
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    Manny has acted like a petulent child BUT I have to be honest and say that, in his shoes, I would have done the same if someone had accused me, on the basis of absolutely nothing, of being a cheat. I'd tell them to fuck off too, though I suspect that Manny will, once the money is brought back into focus, eventually agree to some tests.

    For the record, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Always has been, so far as I am aware. I think it's very poor to see a whole raft of people, some very respectable and some not so, forget this simple fact.

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    LMFAO! :lol:

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