Yori Boy Campas: Four To Go

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Michael Matos, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    Yori Boy Campas registered his 96th victory last month and has now won four straight over the last few months leaving him four wins short of the 100 victory mark for his career and unless I'm missing someone will likely be the last modern day fighter to record 100 victories in his career. I hope he does it.
  2. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    Would this make him Hall of Fame worthy? Based on his accomplishments and resume I would say no but winning a 100 fights is a pretty impressive thing no matter who your beating.
  3. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    He should never be inducted into any HOF. Campas was a journeyman for most his career with no notable victories. His biggest victory was probablly against Raul Marquez. That's not very impressive for someone with close to 100 bouts.
  4. TyrantT316

    TyrantT316 Member

    He'll probably make it in one day for "fighting top fighters" and registering 100 wins. But not sure it's necessary.
  5. El tanke

    El tanke Member

    My biggest memory of Campas is, dropping Trinidad and not finishing him. then getting killed in there 2 rounds later.
  6. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    Hall Of Fame worthy? Good question. I always thought that Jose Legra who compiled a 134-12 record should be in the Hall Of Fame. I'll say his accomlishment, should he achieve it, will be recognized probably 15-20 years from now but recognized nonetheless.
  7. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    they should open up a special wing for fighters with short t-rex arms.

    he'd be the first one inducted.
  8. El tanke

    El tanke Member

    Johnny Tapia, #2
  9. Carlos

    Carlos ---

    Medgoen Singsurat - Boxer Probably the best bet, he fights quite regularly and is only 32.

    Pongsaklek Wonjongkam - Boxer Wongjongkam is at 79, he is 33 but has fought since forever - with 3-4 fights pr. year recently i doubt he'll make it but there is a chance i guess.
  10. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Singsurat can continue to fight until he's 50 because he'll always be able to say he's 1-0 against Pacquiao! :loling:
  11. K.I.P.

    K.I.P. Member

    He is already in the hall of fandom.

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