Wlads next opponent is.....

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  1. i'm surprised those 2 are still 'together', whatever that means

    and here i thought he only "loved" his brother, LOL

    i guess since heroes was cancelled, she has lots of time:rotf:
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    lol. Hero started very good and i really loved the first parts of it. But then it started to getting more and more confusing stuff. And if you missed one part of it you are "lost"..lol.
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    One things for sure, she must have a cunt like a hippo's yawn by now.
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    Interesting fellow. But one thing I can say…he at least shows a fire that we haven't seen from the likes of a Chambers, Ibragimov and a few of Wlad & Vitali's other opponents.

    Not saying he's got any more of a shot on the talent level, but it's nice to see an opponent with some spark to him. However the biting of the ear is still uncalled for.

    What the HW division needs is a dominant champion, with consistency in ability and conditioning and some personality to stand out and capture the world's attention.

    Wlad and Vitali have a good part of that equation.
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  6. While IBF/WBO/IBO heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko had to search long and hard to find an opponent for his planned December 11 defense at the SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany (eventually settling on England’s Dereck Chisora), wheels are already in motion to find the most deserving IBF mandatory title challenger for longtime champion.

    In an innovative move that will produce some intriguing fights, IBF has ordered a four fighter box-off involving Alexander Dimitrenko, Johnathon Banks, Eddie Chambers and Jean Marc Mormeck (Dennis Boytsov was initially offered a spot in the group, but declined). Dimitrenko will face Banks and Chambers takes on Mormeck in the first round with the winners to collide in 2011. Negotiations are currently ongoing between the various camps.

    thats what we have to look forward to in 2011?:sleeping:

    wake me up when its over :haha:
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    why is there no american young hope with hammer-hands to end this reign? There were always big fighters in heavyweight from america...but now for years the klitschkos rule the game. Or maybe a good english challenger?
    Here in germany the boxing-talents are rare...only one was max schmeling decades ago in this division. Axel Schulz was just a joke.
    Come on america...send the klitschkos some fists they never forget. Its going too long now this reign.
  8. good question, supposedly they are all playing football/basketball..i have my doubts

    at this rate, the kilts reign will last a while, and while some love it, others don't

    i dont see a young mike tyson rising from the ashes...the "next heir apparent" or great white hope doesnt exist
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    yea, so sad! I want someone end this reign fast...and i dont want that they retire because of age and then they say "we were always the best!" because i think that they are not that good. I want a good heavyweight blow them both away as long as there is time to do it.
  10. At least Chisora has the balls. Povetkin and Haye do not.
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    i absolutely agree. Chisora was standing next to Wlad at the weekend-fight of his brother vitali in the comment-area after the fight. Wlad was saying something similar to Chisora like you wrote and shaked his hands with the words "thank you". Chisora thanked Wlad for the chance. No big mouth like haye and no agressions vs. Wlad (it was the first time they met each other). And Chisora looked fresh and well motivated for the fight in december. Haye should take a look to Chisora..thats the way a good fighter should be (symphatic, in good shape, with good manners and last but not least with the balls to make this fight). I think this will get a good fight in dec.
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