Wlads next opponent is.....

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by witton_lane, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. witton_lane

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    Derek Chisora :headscratch:



    Not sure what to make of this. To be honest I think it's a pretty bold move from Klitschko, Chisora has cruised to most of his wins but he is a bit of a brawler, decent chin and I've never seen him in serious trouble once. He throws good combo's too, I guess Wlad is gambling on the fact that the step up will be too much for him.

    I'll actually pay to watch this though as Chisora is an unknown quantity. I won't be paying to watch the pile of shit that is Haye V Harrison that's for sure.
  2. Joe King

    Joe King Member

    Who else is there? Really! Sam Peter did not deserve a rematch.
  3. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Adamek would be a good choice after Chisora.
  4. Redneck

    Redneck Living Legend

    that sounds not too bad. But there is no other opponent for Wlad. Haye keeps running..hahahaha!
    But first his brother fights in two weeks Shannon Briggs...i think this will get an interesting match
    (i just hope Briggs asthma is controlled;-)
    We are talking about a nobody (Chisora) and an asthma-ill old tart....WTF?!
    I got no more words for that!
  5. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    Del Boy getting a shot is shameful, but at least he has enough balls to accept. Hopefully the sisters dont try to build him up too much as a worthy opponent fucking frauds
  6. witton_lane

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    It's actually a smart move from team Klitschko to be fair. Chisora is raw yes but he will turn up to fight, unlike Audley. I'm not a Klitschko fan but I do like Chisora for having the balls to take this fight so early in his career. He's a damn sight better than Sam Peter too, I'd be surprised if he were just a punch-bag. It is a big step up though, he's not been hit by anyone with Klitschko's power yet but that's what makes it interesting, if he can take the power he might just make a fight of it.
  7. The Genius

    The Genius Member

    I'll agree that their opponents are less than stellar but who else is there? HW boxing is experiencing a serious lack of talent.
  8. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    your right . The US is only producing trash so no hope on the horizon.
  9. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    Sexton gave Del boy all he could handle I cant see either sister having any problems. Chisora punches are very wide and his conditioning is levels below world class. Why would Warren cash him out so soon?
  10. Carlos

    Carlos ---

    I kinda like Chisora, but to put him in with either Klit doesn't make sense. Chisora could do with 5-10 more fights at a much lower level.
  11. Why not? Everyone else has either been beaten, is not willing or is unavailable.
  12. El tanke

    El tanke Member

  13. Redneck

    Redneck Living Legend

    LOL. I dont think he get the chance of doing one of this things. Wlad will quickly ko him when he tries that.
    But again...is there no worthy opponent for the Klitschkos? Its sooo sad...i want my exciting heavyweight back and dont wanna watch a clear klitschko-show again and again and again and again....
    i wanna close this posting with the words:
  14. Erik

    Erik Member

    Wait , wait. has Chisora and Warren signed already? Its easy to say he has the balls but lets wait and see. I really doubt they take this fight at this point of Chisoras career.

    That being said its not a horrible career move and as long as he doesnt get destroyed then he should be able to bounce back from the loss. I really dont think he can beat Wlad but it could be interesting.
  15. Erik

    Erik Member

    Again lets wait and see if this fight actually happens. Before we give him all these props for having balls etc.
  16. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    Yeah fair enough, but Warren was in the papers at the weekend over here talking as though the fight was a done deal. It's what makes the fight interesting to me, Warren is the guy that shielded Slappy and Hatton for years....it just doesn't make sense for him to throw Chisora in with Wlad at this point. Chisora is only 26 and could get ruined by a fight with Wlad whereas if the Warren of old did his usual ducking and diving routine he could keep Chisora active fighting domestic bums for 4 years, by which time both Klitschkos and Haye will be gone.

    I think this might be an interesting fight, not just another Wlad bore-fest. Chisora has very good head movement, I don't think he'll just be a punch-bag like pathetic Peter was. Whether he can take Wlads punches remains to be seen, as does his own ability to hurt Wlad.
  17. Laztrooper

    Laztrooper Administrator

    Wlad is one lucky SOB

    Now I want that for Oktoberfest


  18. what another joke..i would rather just not see him fight at all (and i havent, for the most part)
  19. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    The fight is now signed and sealed apparently, Wlad is fighting Chisora next. Wlad is making comparisons to when Ali lost to Spinks for some reason :headscratch:

    Chisora has always seemed like a tough, balls out kind of fighter to me, hope he knocks this fraud the fuck out..but I can't really see it happening. Chisora is a determined SOB though and I bet he proves tougher than the likes of Peter and Chambers.
  20. Redneck

    Redneck Living Legend

    This little "Hero"-girl. Dont know how you guys think about that...but how does the sex work for them? She can sit on him and he can take here from behind....but if he tries to do it on the original way she explode under him like a balloon i think. Funny.

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