Wlad V Povetkin is off....

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by witton_lane, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. witton_lane

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    Apparently there was a problem with the IBF and they removed Povetkins mandatory status.

    Wlad is now fighting Sam Peter again instead :haha:

    Vitaly is fighting Shannon Briggs if you believe all the rumours :24:

    Haye is contemplating a fight with Audley Harrison :24:

    Has the division ever been worse? Anyone?
  2. Joe King

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    Good grief. What garbage. The least they could do is fight one another instead.
  3. just when you think the division couldn't get any worse...it doesn't disappoint

    what a joke...
  4. TLC

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    For fuck sake....
  5. TLC

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  6. witton_lane

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    Source for the Wlad fight is right from the horses mouth.

    Vitaly V Briggs has been rumoured for weeks now, and we all know about Haye V Harrison - although that one has gone quiet in recent weeks, maybe Haye knows how much abuse he'll get from his own fans if he takes it.

    Seems obvious to me.....Povetkin or Haye should fight Vitaly while Wlad fights his mandatory against Peter. How the fuck Peter has gone back to number 2 on the IBF rankings is beyond me though :headscratch:
  7. TLC

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    Yes, but where did you hear it from?
  8. remember reading this on fightnews..didnt think they would call it off though, lol

    Povetkin ill, misses presser

    A press conference in Frankfurt, Germany, to announce Wladimir Klitschko’s September 11 world heavyweight title defense against Alexander Povetkin went on without the mandatory challenger in attendance. Povetkin was said to be suffering from a sinus inflammation. An angry Klitschko stated Povetkin is to blame if he misses his world title chance. Sam Peter was mentioned as a possible replacement. Povetkin’s representatives promised that Povetkin will be ready for the fight.

  9. Michael Matos

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    Yes it has but you have to go back, way back in one case. From 1928 to 1937 there were a total of 8 heavyweight championship fights split among 5 champions only two of whch defended their titles. The champions were Max Schemeling who defended against Young Stribling, Jack Sharkey who lost in his first defense after sitting on the title for a year to Carnera who in turn defended against Paulino Uzcudun and Tommy Loughran, he then lost the title to Max Baer who lost it in his first defense after sitting on it for a year to Jimmy Braddock who then sat on it for two years before losing in his first defense to Joe Louis. The other time was in the late 50's and early 60's when the dreaded rematch clause ruled the division. Johannsen defeated Patterson in 1959, Patterson invoked the rematch clause and it was almost a year to the day before they fought again, Paterson won,Ingemar invoked the rematch clause, another 10 months before they fought for the third time, Patterson got in a defense against Tom McNeely, Peter's grandfather and then lost the title to Liston, invoked the rematch clause and almost another year went by before they fought the rematch. Liston sat for almost another year before losing to Ali and true to form invoked the rematch clause and it was 15 months before they fought again although Ali did have to have emergency hernia surgery which pushed the fight back two months.

    Those are historically viewed as the low points of the divisions history and they are labelled as such as much for the dearth of activity in those time spells as they were for the talent on display. The post Ali era of the WBA was forgettable but Larry Holmes was on the other side and provided counter balance.
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  10. witton_lane

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    It's all over the other boxing boards, the source for the Wlad fight being off is apparently Wlad himself. Povetkin failed to turn up for the presser, didn't send any representatives and this pissed the IBF off who removed his mandatory status.

    I'd be surprised if it weren't true, the source is usually 100% spot on when it comes to what's happening in team Klitschko.
  11. TLC

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    I just want to know where you read that. I Googled it and turned up nothing...
  12. mikE

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    quality post
  13. O-Dogg33

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    I haven't heard anything about this and I check all the boxing sites.
  14. O-Dogg33

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    Damn dude you have some breaking news. I barely just read the headline on ESPN. My apologies I won't doubt you again!
  15. Redneck

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    another boring Klitschko fight. I mean..where are the ones with same level? I see lennox lewis in his grandfathers chair, i see haye hiding with a big mouth etc. I dont want another fight klitschko vs. the punching bag. Its so fucking boring. I want an opponent that gives this guys hell and a bloody face and not the grinning klitschko without any cut at the end of the fight. Gimme another tyson in prime that teach this guys a lesson out of hell. tsss..i hate that new heavyweight style "jabbing to victory". 2005 Sam Peter hit him 3 times to the ground but he won on points...but 2010 this will not happen. Wlad will just fighting this very carefully and for the audience this is soooo boring.
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