With Mayweather Retired...

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Michael Matos, Jun 29, 2008.

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    I totally agree with Gregg.
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    No one HAS to move up in weight.

    This is pretty simple. In comparing Hopkins and Pavlik RIGHT NOW you can say that Pavlik beat Taylor twice who beat Hopkins twice. But part of Hopkins recent accomplishments are two big wins at 175 against Tarver and Wright (okay Wright was also coming up.) Hopkins has always been a good defensive fighter. IMO Pavlik will not be able to climb the ladder because he gets hit way too often and when he faces punchers at 168 and 175 it's going to be a whole new ballgame. I realize Pavlik's second fight with Taylor was at super middle BUT he was fighting another middle and it isn't the same.
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    That's the reason I always say Hatton should stay down at 140 and never fight above that weight again. He's short with short arms and CAN make the 140 weight limit so there is no need for him to go into a division with bigger stronger guys who have too many built in advantages over him.
  4. Toss up...Kelly Pavlik, Bernard Hopkins, and Paul Williams
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    Interesting, Williams eh. I think Williams could be a top 3 contender too.
    I heard that Pavlik was looking to fight Williams in his next fight.

    Personally i don't think Williams should take the fight.
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    Pavlik or Nard.
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    Didn't realize how dominant the international field is becoming. I'd have to go with Pavlik being America's #1.
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    Finally. We get two pages in and someone finally gets it.

    I look at the names people have forwarded, Chad Dawson got a vote, Paul Williams got one, Bernard Hopkins got a few and the fighter de jour Kelly Pavlik got the most. Not exactly a good crop, Pavlik is developing, but in championship years he is a mere pup and that statement takes nothing away from his skills as a fighter. Unless Hopkins is going to go the route of Archie Moore and fight untill he is 50 his days on any list are short and on a sidenote to that I think Hopkins is going to pull a Floyd Patterson and just stop fighting and never announce your retirement. Back on point. Williams is semi solid he got over on Margarito who was closing the gap quickly at the end of 12, loses to Quintana and wins it back on a spectacular kayo, but at this point he is of remains to be seen status. Dawson is the sleeper of the names but I would give him a developing slowly tag.

    Lets face it when Mayweather retired there was no fighter in waiting if you will. Has it ever been this difficult to identify who is the best fighter in America? This could have easily been posted in the Fuck MMA thread. Over the last few years I've been to two fight cards in Vegas and off the top of my head I can only remember three American fighters on those cards, Brian Villoria, Demetrius Hopkins and Steve Forbes. Two fights out of 13 or 14 featured American fighters. Hispanic fighters are keeping Las Vegas afloat and have been for going on a good decade now.

    Where have all the American fighters gone? I don't think you can point to one specific root cause, certainly other sports have eaten away at the participants pool with athletes who never take up Boxing because they are concentrating on Football, Basketball, Baseball and a plethora of other sports, there is a great commercial by the NCAA that finishes with the line that goes Our athletes turn professional in fields other than sports. I don't neccessarily think it's the sport that is taking away the pool it's the scholarships. Very, very few will turn down a college education to pursue a career in Boxing. All jokes aside it's not just the heavyweights who fall into this category, like I said a plethora of other sports, they give out fencing scholarships and field hockey if it's in the Guiness Record Book in the sports section then the NCAA has a scholarship for it.We all know the story of how Cassius Clay at the age of 12 or thereabouts showed up at a Boy's club after someone stole his bike and took up Boxing, and that was commonplace in those days 10 and 2 year olds were Boxing all over America in similar gyms and clubs and today that is a practice that is rarely seen. Mayweather Jr. a prime example of rarely seen. So fighters take it up at an older age if they are lucky in their late teens and by the time your prime physical years arrive you are still learning to fight. Out of all the sports out there Boxing has to be the most difficult sport to participate in, the amount of work it takes to be good, then once you are good to stay good and the price you may ultimately pay for being to good for your own good and in the end that scholarship sounds real good.
  10. good white american fighters are dead...i mean you have pavlik and thats about it...
    bones adams? LOLZ

    and american white heavyweights? dont make me laugh...

    perhaps that why boxing isnt as popular, because whites dont have someone to cheer that looks like them (as other nationalities, do)


    its all about the money for money may, may money...and in alot of ways, i cant blame him...

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    Whites are dominating boxing. They are the owners of the HBOs and Showtimes..the PPV big dogs. Make no mistake about that.

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