wished they hadn,t said it

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  1. EBIHARA63

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    Greg Haugen about Chavez-he has built his record on fighting Mexican cab drivers [​IMG] .Well Greg you should have called a cab as early as the 2nd round-because Chavez opened up a container load of hatred,and dined out on your liver,rib cage and spleen-What a Goat [​IMG]
  2. hazza

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    zab judah and sharmba mitchell talking shit about kt and then both getting ktfo

    biggs talking shit about tyson and then tyson dragging out the inevitable ko to administer a long beating to him

    whatever mitch blood green said to tyson outside that nightclub, he must have regretted it cause his face looked like 10lb of shit after tyson smashed him
  3. EBIHARA63

    EBIHARA63 Member

    Add another one who talked shit about KT-Miguel Gonzalez-"he is overated -especially his power [​IMG] That must be why you looked frightened everytime anything bordering on a punch came your way Miguel [​IMG]
  4. Rebel

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    Gomez talked a lot of shit about Mexicans and Sanchez. Sanchez later proceeded to turn him into the Elephant Man. [​IMG]
  5. Rebel

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  6. R_jay

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    Mundine kinda looked stupid when he said Ottke hits like a girl, then got 1-punch KO'd by the guy.
  7. EBIHARA63

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    The only thing worse than Gonzalez performance was the Fright Doctor Pacheco commentary-even as late as the 8th round -Gonzalez is putting on a good fight-Cyz and Alberts,start laughing-"Good Fight Freddie your in denial" it,s a massacre-,one round later-Pacheco says-They got to stop this Miguel is taking a pounding [​IMG]
  8. Mark G

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    MAGO got raped in that fight, but you got to give it to him, he stood up to Kostya's punches for quite a while. It was a Lamotta type chinmanship performance.
  9. Mark G

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    Bonavena talked some serious smack to Ali and got KO'ed after a grueling 15 round fight.

    Some Ali worshippers think that Ali carried him to punish to trash talking Gaucho. But if you've actually watched the fight, Bonavena gave Ali hell.
  10. EBIHARA63

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    Not really,he ran ,held low blows and headbutted-after all his talk I don,t give him any credit.His corner are pleading with him either to fight or they would stop it as early as the 7th round.
  11. Hut*Hut

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    As Vargas was looking up at the lights through a groggy haze 20 seconds into the Tito fight I bet he was wishing he had kept his mouth in the run up....or at least at the referees instructions [​IMG]
  12. Xplosive

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    Jorge Luis Gonzalez talked MAD shit about Riddick Bowe before they fought, then Riddick proceeded to give him one of the worst ass whuppins in heavyweight history. Bowe beat him so bad Gonzalez's family in Cuba probably even felt it.

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  13. hazza

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    tyson-biggs had some funny mid-fight lines:

    biggs - throwing elbows are we mike?
    tyson - i'm gonna kill you motherfucker

  14. neo_wolf

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    Paret calling that closet fag Griffith a maricon, mofo got KTFO of this world.
  15. EBIHARA63

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    Sure did he lost his life :eek:
  16. ericjw

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    "Black fighters can't take it to the body"- Oscar De La Hoya

  17. Rebel

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    Apollo Creed vs Ivan Drago. [​IMG]
  18. Manowar

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    I recently interviewed Howie Albert about this.
  19. Carlos

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    Doesn't really fit in this thread, but did anyone hear Corley on BBC radio after his fight tonight?

    He was asked what he thought of the result, and said he thought he deserved to win a split decision [​IMG]

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  20. Eric0816

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    Valentino called that punch a "slap". [​IMG]

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