Willie Pep, greatest boxer that ever lived.

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  1. I'm anti-latino? Who is that cat in my av, bright guy? Duran is my second favorite fighter of all time, there is not a single Jewish fighter that is even in my top ten favorites.

    Try again, Juan. You are truly digging a deeper and deeper hole into the depths of ignorance.
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    There are some hilarious post in this thread.


    Hamed knocks out both those fuckers.
  3. You like seeing Juan get owned?

    Sal Sanchez KO Hamed rd 1
    Willie Pep KO Hamed rd. 1
    Hamed UD Saddler 15 rds (depending on the evening and the evil racist judges of course)

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    My favorite featherweight,and favorite fighter EVER is the great , A
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    My favorite featherweight,and favorite fighter EVER is the great , AND GOD REST THAT LITTLE AFRO'S SOUL, Salvador Sanchez.He could do it all.Most bozo's don't even see what he's doing.But everything Sanchez could do,Pep could do better(except punch)I don't like Pep.I generally don't like defensive fighters,except Chris Byrd and Jimmy Young,but hey,Pep's gotta be ranked #1.I would however put Sanchez at 2 or 3,even if time WAS cut short for him.If this was fucking english class,I'd give you paragraph's,but it isnt.

  6. I love Sanchez, and put him at three although most of the 'establishment' lists put him lower, howver I cannot put him at 2, because Saddler, and Pep are inexorabely tied to each other in the annuls of boxing history.

    I think there could be a logical argument to place Saddler at the numero uno spot, but Juan apparently isn't the one to make it.

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    It's funny because the only one handing out ass kickings is me. Insecure folks. :D

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    JZ KO 2 Buggy Wannabe

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. I find it very amuzing that you think I'm another poster that I'm not. I'm an original, genuine article, Juan.

    Me KO you in this argument.
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    This is Thunder/Grimsley all over again. The fight is over mate. You got shellacked. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Only in your insecure, warped mind.
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    Wow, he's taking my comebacks now. You're cooked. [​IMG]
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    Willie Pep fan,what do you care what I think anyway?You bashed me,because you wanted Romulus to "be on your side" with my Buster Douglas comment..Buster isnt the MOST underrated heavyweight ever.Learn to read IN BETWEEN the lines,and maybe,use your brain to know he WAS UNDERRATED.One day you'll learn that thinking for yourself is much more admirable than trying to "make friends" on a damn screen.It's all opinion that Pep is better than Sanchez or Saddler or for anyone.For all we know Danny Lopez MAY have cleaned his clock in 2 rounds.We never know.All time greatest is the same thing as saying,Japan would have won the war.


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