Will Juan Diaz ever step up the comp??

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Beyond the Grave, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. This guy has become worse than Cotto,He's fought nothing but cans his whole career.I am not impressed with Diaz or his career.I feel he should fight Joel Casamayor right now!!.......but I think his people are content with him defending his WBA belt against WBA sanctioned cans.
  2. Valdosta

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    No, but he gets a free pass for some reason or another. I made a thread similiar to this not that long ago.
  3. Champion JOEL CASAMAYOR 34-3-1 (21)
    1 JUAN DIAZ 30-0 (15)
    2 JULIO DIAZ 33-3 (24)
    3 ZAHIR RAHEEM 27-2 (16)
    4 JESUS CHAVEZ 42-3 (29)
    5 DAVID DIAZ 32-1-1 (17)
    6 NATE CAMPBELL 29-5-1 (24)
    7 ALMAZBEK RAIYMKULOV 23-1-1 (14)
    8 JUAN CARLOS DIAZ 31-0 (16)
    9 JOSE SANTA CRUZ 23-2 (13)
    10 RAMAZAN PALYANI 14-0-1 (8)

    I dug up these rankings just to show who the current top lightweights are and I don't recall Diaz calling out anyone on this list and thats pathetic because a Diaz vs Chavez fight would own.
  4. Xplosive

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    He should fight Chico. Diaz's mom would have her wish then, as Chico would surely retire her son. The problem is, Diaz is studying to a be a lawyer, and Corrales would need one afterwards cuz he'd be charged with battery.. again.
  5. Oh I wish but corrales is no longer a lightweight anymore but I would be happy if he fought Chavez and then Casamayor but that will never happen.
  6. Rebel

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    Casamayor and Freitas are probably going to fight each so scratch that out.

    Give him at least a year. What is he 22? Keep in mind that many of the fighters he's faced so far were picked to beat him. [​IMG]
  7. Vaceleno Freitas is a coward I have zero respect for him and I don't recall Diaz being the underdog in any fight,with the shit comp he's fought you got to be a dumbass to pick against him.I think its now or never for him,he's been a pro for 7yrs now........hell even Cotto's stepped it up a notch.
  8. R_jay

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    Cowards don't step into the ring with Casamayor and Corrales.

    Diaz needs to get a move on. I'm all for letting a young talent develop, but when you decide you want to pick up a title belt, you better be prepared to fight in the manner of a champion. If you are'nt ready to represent the title then don't fight for it in the first place. There's alot of good fights available for him, time to make them happen.
  9. Valdosta

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    Such has who? Diaz has been a HUGE favorite in his last several fights. He's NEVER been an underdog. Some people picked Sim to beat him (including me), but Diaz was favored in that fight as well. Sorry Rebel but your statement is completely wrong. looking at his record he has been a big favorite in all of his fights except Sim. Diaz has 31 fights and a fucking title. Time to take the damn diapers off.
  10. mikE

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    I thought Cotto would beat him. What were the odds in that fight?
  11. Valdosta

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    I didn't I thought Cotto was a slow stiff. Diaz was a 3-1 favorite or so.
  12. Rebel

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    Does anyone here know how to fucking read? I said that a few of the guys that he's fought were picked to defeat him "by several members of this forum."

    Anyone remember the first Sim fight? Valdosta picked Sim. [​IMG]

    [ November 06, 2006, 08:25 PM: Message edited by: Rebel ]
  13. Valdosta

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    No shit, I already posted that. Since when is 1 many? [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. He sure did quit like a bitch though lol,As soon as Corrales moves up in weight here comes Freitas out of retirement,that's fucking gay man.Freitas= [​IMG]
  15. R_jay

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    Quit like a bitch? He was about 10 seconds away from getting sent to the hospital. I ain't blaming him, I got no desire to see someone get killed in the ring.
  16. Rebel

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    You also picked O'Malley and Irwin. [​IMG]
  17. [​IMG] [​IMG] touche
  18. Valdosta

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    That's what I thought. :rolleyes:
  19. R_jay

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    I can't blame him, if I was dead tired, hurt, looked up and saw Chico standing in the other corner about to kill me I think I'd shit my trunks [​IMG]
  20. Turbana

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    I have a feeling he may be fighting Nate Campbell sometime soon...just a hunch

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