Will De La Hoya/Pacquiao Get Signed?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Aug 19, 2008.


Will De La Hoya/Pacquiao Get Signed?

  1. Yes.

    4 vote(s)
  2. No.

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  3. I don't care.

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  1. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Apparently, it's not yet totally off the table. DLH is going to have to stop being greedy and give Pac more of the pie if he really wants his last fight to be a huge event.

    So what do you all think? Do you believe this fight will soon get signed?
  2. The Hitman

    The Hitman Hitman

    fuck i hope not.

    but i voted yes
  3. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    I voted I don't care. But I secretly do. :222:
  4. TysonFan

    TysonFan Sensei

    DLH vs. Margarito. Pacquiao is a great fighter. But, Oscar should man up and fight Margarito. Anything less, well maybe Williams and that won't happen. There is talk of Oscar vs. Shane Mosley lll. Can anyone imagine two executives that work for the same company beating each other up again. I can't because they never really beat each other up in the first two fights.

    LATINKING Member

    pacquiao would be an idiot not to take this fight. It's all up to him.

    He will get 3-4 times what he makes with other oponents and his fame and popularity will also rise like anybody who fights Oscar at one time.

    as far as the fight itself some of you think Paquiao is gonna die in the ring.

    I think Oscar will slap him around and Roach will stop the fight before it gest ugly. easy payday for both.

    BULLYSON Member

    i pretty much agree with everything you've said...
  7. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    I voted I Don't Care because it's a fucked up circus act in my view, but a WEALTHY fucked up circus act. It's all for the money. Pacquiao can fight other guys from 130lbs to 140lbs. Oscar is trying to fight all the guys considered the best P4P fighters in the world, at the time that he fights them. Hopkins (2004), Mayweather (2007), and now Pacquiao. Pacquiao is the LW champion of the world... it's pathetic that Oscar even considers him as a viable opponent, and then throws a 70/30 offer his way nonetheless. Pacquiao has plenty of options. So does Oscar. Let these two stars go their separate ways. This matchup isn't that wonderful, anyway!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2008
  8. SuperJ

    SuperJ Member

  9. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    Dan Rafael from espn.com is reporting that it's pretty much a go for Dec. 6th.
  10. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Dan Rafael needs to put down the donuts and start watching fights before he comments on them. :mex:
  11. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    :lol: Sometimes I can't stand fatman but he's got the "skinny" on the haps most of the time. He's pretty much the epitome of every fanboy geek that sits behind his computer and talks shit about fighters in a sport he's never even participated in.
  12. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    If I could take Dan Rafael's job, I would do it in a sec. He's making dollars for eating those donuts in front of his computer screen and talking about boxing and fighters in boxing. I would love that. LOL
  13. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Yes, but he doesn't get laid and that's something you wouldn't be able to live without. :lol:
  14. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    Oh no doubt about it. But that's his handycap, certainly not mine! A job doesn't make or break bedroom accomplishments. :lol: :rock:
  15. neo_wolf

    neo_wolf Boxing Fanatic's greatest

    Thats what hookers are for, just ask Kimba.

  16. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

  17. Hayabusa

    Hayabusa Guest

    Joke of a fight. Let's see Pac win some meaningful fights at lightweight before he jumps 3 weight-classes to fight an old man.

    I think Pac or his team are nervous about taking the long road and dealing with the styles of guys like Guzman and Casamayor. They're cashing out but it should be a helluva lot of cash.
  18. SuperJ

    SuperJ Member

    Today on the radio they said DLH has plans to fight Arthur Abraham. :lol::slap:
  19. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Hey, I don't mind. DLH will soften Pac up for the third fight with Marquez. That way Marquez will beat Pacquiao even more convincingly and earn the official decision. :clappy::lol:
  20. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    Pacquiao won't fight Marquez again. It looks like they're trying to cash in and make big fights for him from here on out. I heard them say that they want Hatton at 140 after this fight. PBF is training in Las Vegas already so who knows what plans he's gonna fuck up. Pacquaio won't fight again at 135 for another couple years if ever. If he fights DLH, Hatton, and PBF as his next 3 fights he can get hurt by the big boys and be done. Either way he's looking at making about $25 mil in the next couple years that would be a nice way to go out.

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