Will Arreola be the first Mexican HW Champ?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by O-Dogg33, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Rabid Kimba

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    I agree Neo.

    Ruiz is past his prime, that's why I think Arreola has a good chance against him...but yes...that fight would sell tickets like hot cakes for sure.

  2. Blaster

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    He certainly has a shot. He is lethal when he has his oppontants on the ropes and he appears to have a solid chin. He also keeps his hands up very well for a puncher. While his hands aren't fast to the level of say a Chambers, his hands aren't slow.

    He has some big weaknesses, however. He gets sloppy when he's punching and was getting hit with some hard counters by Witherspoon. He also is terrible at fighting in the middle of the ring and only throws meaningful punches when he has his oppontant against the ropes. Against a boxer who is quick and has enough ring savvy to stay out of the ropes, Chris is in deep trouble.

    But he is still young and learning, and with his power and aggressiveness he will certainly make some waves and can certainly pick up a belt.
  3. Rebel

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    Great avatar. I loved that Stallone movie. Didn't care too much for that kid crying in almost every scene though. :lol:
  4. Jack1000

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    I haven't seen the fight but heard 'Nipples" did good. LOL! But from what I remember, he didn't look like contender status yet. I do know the rules state that the cornermen cannot enter the ring that way, or they could face DQ. (Barrera-Junior Jones I) If the guy is getting hammered a ref might ok the corner action, (Like the end of Holmes-Conney, Cooney's trainer Victor Vallie was already in the ring stopping it, but Mills Lane was going to call it a few seconds later, so the intended communication was the same.)

    Perhaps the corner could have thrown the towel in last night or just stopped the fight between rounds, and they would have gotten the TKO win.

  5. mikE

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    His corner didn't want to stop the fight, Jack. The bell rang as Witherspoon went down. Chazz got up, the ref had him walk to him and then turned toward Arreola to have them fight. Of course, since there was no time left, they couldn't fight. Chazz's corner was on the ring apron at this time, but it was a poor application of the rule and it seemed that it was Arreola's corner than convinced the ref to dq him.
  6. mikE

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    This fight is a perfect example of my argument that a fighter should only have to get up after the bell rings and shouldn't have to prove he can continue to fight. Because he either doesn't have to continue to fight for almost a full minute or because the fight is over if it is the last round.
  7. Blaster

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    Yeah his kid was a brat.
  8. victor vallie...now thats a blast from the past and a name i was trying to forget:lol:
  9. TysonFan

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    I think they ought to match Arreola with Ruiz and that would be a good starting point.I also think Arreola would beat Ruiz,but one never knows. Ruiz could get lucky by clutching Arreola and bear huggin him to a decision win. Sloppy and ugly!.
  10. Eric0816

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    I think Adam "The Bomb" Flores won the heavyweight title in some Nicolas Cage movie.
  11. Michael Matos

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    Snake Eyes
  12. O-Dogg33

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    That Ruiz idea is pretty damn good in every way except that they actually have to hope that Ruiz doesn't take a big fat dump in the middle of the ring like he has a tendency to do. Arreola kinda reminds me of a HW Juan Diaz. No devastating power but smothers you and outworks you. I wonder if he can make Ruiz actually fight?
  13. handolo

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    we already had our Rican/Mex heavyweight super fight. :lol:

  14. Rebel

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    What did they call that fight again? Battle of the Chichis?
  15. handolo

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  16. Wiser EFC

    Wiser EFC Mex Radio

    During the broadcast, they said Arreola's people were trying to match him with David Tua next.

    LATINKING Member

    Arreola looks like a fat cholo like he is related to Tapia :wink7:

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