Will Abraham become a player at 168?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    After he defends his title against another bogus challenger, Abraham has plans to move to 168.

    Can he be effective there? Who are his best matchups? Which fighters outright put him away?
  2. TLC

    TLC Member

    I don't think he will have too much trouble there, but I don't know why he keeps ducking Pavlik.
  3. Erik

    Erik Member

    I don't think its either side ducking the other. Its a mutual thing. If both guys where based in U.S. etc it would be alot easier. Arum doesn't help much either.
  4. Erik

    Erik Member

    I disagree. I think he will have trouble there. 168 is loaded with talent and good fights.

    Mikkel Kessler
    Librado Andrade
    Lucian Bute
    Carl Froch
    Jermain Taylor
    Sakio Bika
    Andre Direll
    Andre Ward
    Allen Green
    Karo Murat
    Jean Paul Mendy
    Karoly Balzsay
    Vitaly Tsypko
    Adonis Stevenson

    The division has a ton of great matchups to be made. Even between some of the guys on the outside of top 15.

    I dont see one guy in the top 10 or so that Abraham easlly beats.
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  5. Black Gatti

    Black Gatti Member

    If I were Abraham, I wouldn't be worried about any of those guys.
  6. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    You think that highly of Abraham?
  7. TLC

    TLC Member

    1: Tough, but not really.
    2: Meh
    3: No
    4: That'd be an interesting fight
    5: JT is ballocks.
    6: lol
    7: who?
    8: rofl!
    11: See above
    12: See above
    13: See above
    14: See above
    15: See above
  8. TLC

    TLC Member

    Not really mutual consider Abraham went up a weight class.
  9. Erik

    Erik Member

    Both have fought above 160. Does not mean they are avoiding the other. Eventually one or both will out grow MW again doesn't mean they are avoiding the other. Not sure if Abraham can make 160 much longer.

    For the record I am a Pavlik fan and dont care much for Abraham.
  10. Erik

    Erik Member

    I guess you don't remember Abraham struggling with Ayala a while back.

    168 has alot more talent than MW and you & Abraham will find this out next year. Its easy to put a laughing smiley bye someone you know nothing about.
  11. mikE

    mikE Member

    Abraham ducking Pavlik? Unreal.

    I'd pick Abraham over that list except for Kessler and I'm not sure about Dirrell and Ward. But he whips the rest.
  12. Lefty

    Lefty Member

    Pavliks in rehab, the Hopkins loss messed him up, it was a bad defeat.

    Abraham is a solid fighter, but Kessler does a number on him for a start.

    Abraham/Froch would be a damn good fight though.
  13. Erik

    Erik Member

    Not sure how true that is. Ive only read that on one BS site.
  14. Erik

    Erik Member

    *I think Abraham vs Froch would be good but Froch doesnt have much D. Abraham would fair well here. I think he would outbox and maybe stop Froch late.

    *Kessler doesnt fight anymore so I wont comment on him. What a waste of last 2 years.

    *Bute vs Abrham would be a good even macthup. Depending on where the fight was held I would lean towards Bute. A bit better boxer.

    *Bika is not great but a solid boxer. He went 12 with Bute and Calzaghe and has improved since then. This would be a tough fight for Abraham. I would slightly favor AA but woudlnt be shocked if Bika upset him.

    *Jermain Taylor has the skills to beat Abraham he just doesnt have the mind set or stamina. He would still be a tough fight for AA. I favor AA to outlast him liek Froch did but still not an easy fight.

    *Dirrell would crush Abraham. I know most of you will laugh but Dirrell is taller , better reach and a southpaw. He has decent pop and is way faster.

    *Balzsay is abit of an unknown I have only seen him once or twice. I think this would be an easier route for Abraham. Both are based in Germany so fight could happen.

    *Ward , like Dirrell is on the verge of becoming a star at 168. I think ward would outbox AA and beat him by decision. Would be a good tough fight for both.

    *Green is right there behind Ward & Dirrell. He would also give AA all he could handle. I think the size and speed again would be to much for AA.

    *Andrade would be a good test for AA at 168. he is durable , has a good chin and stamina. I think AA could beat him by decisiion but this could go either way.

    * Mendy like Bika is a soolid boxer that has improved. he is a southpaw, with longer reach. Mendy would outbox AA and give him a really tough close decison.

    *Adonis Stevenson is not ready for a top 10 guy just yet. He has the same potetnial as a few of the other talented young guys at 168 just a year or so behind them.

    *Murat is also a bit of an unknown to me. He is from Germany but like Stevenson not quite ready for AA or a top 10 guy.
  15. Black Gatti

    Black Gatti Member

    Not really, I just don't see anyone in that bunch that is a huge threat at the moment.

    Kessler has the talent but he's not really active & seems to lack motivation, confidence or something now.

    Ward & Dirrell are the stars of the near future but neither are ready for Abraham yet.

    Taylor's head isn't right & Froch will be too cocky & get schooled.

    The rest are just regular guys to me.
  16. Erik

    Erik Member

    Sorry the resume of

    Mahir Oral
    Lajuan Simon
    Raul Marquez
    Edison Miranda
    Elvin Ayala
    Wayne Elcock
    Khoren Gevor
    Sebastian Demers
    Edison Miranda
    Kofi Jantuah

    in the past 4 years is not that impressive.
  17. Carlos

    Carlos ---

    Nah neither are true, it's the manager issues that keeps him from fighting.
  18. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    Enough of this Mr Roboto Kessler shit.

    That stand up stiff motherfucker has done absolutely NOTHING.

    His most famous outing is losing a lopsided decision to the Slappy bitch.

    I mean...this dude has to be the most OVERRATED fighter in boxing right now.

    Like I said...Mr Roboto doesn't deserve to be mention as a solid fighter until he beats anybody worth a flying fuck.

    :piss2:Mr OVERRATED Roboto.
  19. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

  20. Lefty

    Lefty Member

    Oh he's more than a solid fighter, he's alot more complete as a fighter than the Klitchkos. But it is a shame he's not fighting more.

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