Why Pacquiao-Hatton is such a tough fight to predict....

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. TyrantT316

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    It is a very tough fight to call...Hatton's been hit hard and in with hard punchers and guys with some speed (Collazo & Floyd)...I haven't seen Pacman in with a guy who will pressure and keep pressuring, smother, etc...nor have we really seen him in with a slick fighter...Hatton doesn't back down...he'll get hurt...but he'll recover and keep pressuring

    I just see it coming down to Hatton breaking Pacman down to the body with Pac landing some good head shots...but I think Hatton's jump in jab, body attack, strength and speed are a bit underrated...
  2. Jack1000

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    LOL!! I think Val's just pissed because I am in second place now in Burger Time and closing in on his score!!! hehehehehe!

  3. BKING

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    Good post Jack. I agree with most of what you wrote. In terms of being able to deal with a pressure situation, Hatton usually slips into a survival mode that consists of charging and clinching rather than punching. He'll clinch, act like he's working on the inside, but he's really not. The reason he clinches is the prevent the opponent from doing anything and throwing punches. If you listen to Billy Graham in between rounds (either 6 or 7, I don't remember) of the Mayweather fight, he instructed Hatton to 'prevent Mayweather from being able to do anything'. That's not a winning a tactic - that's a survival, don't get KTFO tactic. Hatton will come out trying to bully Pacquiao and he'll throw punches in the beginning, but like so many other Pacman victims, he's not going to like the opposing charge and the handspeed is going to bother Ricky. Hatton has been hurt and troubled by a few southpaws, and this is the best and fastest southpaw he's faced to date. The only time Hatton has beaten an A level fighter was Kostya Tszyu... the rest of them have been Bs and Cs. He's facing another A-level fighter on May 2, and an active A-level fighter who is IN HIS PRIME.
  4. Valdosta

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    No, I just think what you say about Hatton is completely wrong. He has made adjustments before and is actually a pretty smart fighter if you ever saw him talk on FNF. Granted he isn't going to box certain guys but he can't beat some guys that way. Regardless Hatton has beaten the much bigger guys than Pacquiao has outside of 1 fight. Pac's close fights do nothing for him in this fight. Hatton is nothing like JMM. That was the point of my thread. Hatton isn't like anyone that Pac has fought before.
  5. Carlos

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    If you say so:lol:


  6. TyrantT316

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    ^Both those stoppages has always looked questionable...

    but I do wonder how Pac will take it to the body
  7. Carlos

    Carlos ---

    Questionable?? He takes 10-12 seconds to get to halfway to his knees in the second one, whats questionable about that?
  8. Valdosta

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    I thought he quit against Singsurat. He missed weight and looked like garbage, then quit. The loss to Torrecampo is weird though.
  9. zboxz

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    dammit Carlos stop mixing in all your facts with my great argument (:drunk:<--ME )........ :222:

    I forgot how bad he looked in those losses..

    Ok now I am back on Hatton by KO...........................
  10. Erik

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    Well its fight week. This should be a good fight like you guys have said is hard to predict. I think Pacquiao is a favorite but not by to much.

    I just dont think Hatton has changed much & we are gonna see the same Ricky Hatton. The Hitman will rough him up & work the body. But he will also be outboxed by the faster guy. Hatton will also struggle with lefties as usual.

    Pacquiao will use his superior handspeed to bust up Hatton. Win on cuts or stoppage around round 9.

    I wish the undercard was a little better but as usual with Arums PPV's it pretty weak.

    I think Tecate beer is offering a rebate on the PPV like they did with De La Hoya vs Pacquiao for those of you that are having a PPV get together. :beer:

    Maybe a moderator could add a poll to this topic to see who everyone is picking.
  11. BJ*

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    i agree...neither punch looked like much...but who knows...maybe he had a secret injury going in...
  12. O-Dogg33

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    Those knockdowns looked similar to the Agapito Sanchez fight where Manny was rolling around on the ground wanting to quit. Maybe Pacquiao was just a little bitch early in his career. :mex:

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