Why Pacquiao-Hatton is such a tough fight to predict....

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Valdosta

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    Pretty simply Pacquiao has never fought anyone like Hatton. Out of all the great fighters he has fought the only brawler he took on was Barrera. When Pacquiao fought MAB though by that time MAB had turned more into a boxer. Pacquiao hasn't really faced a really good pressure fighter who is stronger than he is. Well, that is what Hatton is. On the other side of things, Hatton gets hurt a lot when he fights southpaws. The last 3 times he fought a decent lefty he got hurt in fights against Eamon Magee,Juan Urango and Luis Collazo. Hatton has very good footspeed and handspeed but his chin is left hanging in the air often times. HOWEVER, Pacquiao had to hit David Diaz about 400 times to stop him and his chin isn't as good as Hatton's. I can't wait for this fight, it should be good. :clappy:
  2. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Good points.

    We should also keep in mind that Hatton was hurt by guys that are naturally bigger than Pac. That's not to say Pac can't hurt him though. I just think that if Ricky can crowd him, tie him up, and make Pac fight going backwards, he'll have a great shot at the upset. Pac doesn't fight well going backwards.
  3. Olivia

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    I pick Hatton to win. Bigger guy and he will use a different strategy b/c he has a new trainer.
  4. BJ*

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    Well if Valdosta is right...pressure brawling being the key for Hatton...than what the fuck good is Floyd Sr as the trainer? :headscratch:

    Seems like just enough time with him to keep Ricky from his instincts for a few rounds...then it may be too late...
  5. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    I didn't watch 24/7 but wasn't Mayweather with Hatton against Malinaggi as well? He fought Malinaggi pretty much how he fights everyone. I don't buy for 1 second that Hatton is going to sit back and box Pacquiao. What is Mayweather Sr. for? I really don't know, maybe to refine Hatton's brawling? LOL. I remember Hatton on FNF and he seemed like a pretty bright guy I don't see him boxing>
  6. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    I think Mayweather is basically there to remind him to jab more on his way in and move his head. Not to mention some little technical things. Hatton will still be the agressor.
  7. O-Dogg33

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    I think it helps to have an outspoken trainer like Mayweather as well cause he's the only guy that can get under Roach's skin. Roach is what makes Pacquiao run like a well oiled machine. When Pacquiao is distracted he has a lot of flaws.
  8. Jack1000

    Jack1000 Boxing Fanatic

    A very tough fight to pick. It took among the most slick boxer in Floyd Mayweather to convincingly beat Hatton, and critics may wonder if Ricky could have won more early rounds if Cortez had allowed Hatton to fight more on the inside. Pacquiao represents exactly the kind of sustained pressure and versatility that Hatton may find awkward. Can Manny break Hatton's habit of holding too much in some fights? It's tempting to pick Hatton because of the weight differential. Everyone was shocked when Manny came in at the same weight as Oscar and Pacquiao broke him in half like a old doll. It than stands to reason, was this a great Pacquaio or a way too old Oscar? Hatton can look bad against ordinary opposition, Louie Collazo for example. Marquez will always give Pacquiao tough nights. But Marquez is whirlwinds better than Louie Collazo. Ricky's a little- pressure combat fighter, whom I believe was his best in the pre-Tszyu days. We haven't seen that from Hatton for a long time. I think Hatton's punching power has lessoned and his holding has worsened. Hatton's not used to the type of inside pressure that he had from the pre-Tszyu days when Rickey was something special. Now, Hatton's just very good.

    It is Pacquiao who has risen in experience and skills. He's looked better and better against most fighters than Hatton has recently. Pacquiao needs Marquez to make him look ordinary, and I don't think Hatton has Marquez's boxer/puncher stances that are needed to confuse Pacquiao. Hatton's look for one punch, grab and clinch, look for one punch, grab and clinch will frustrate Pacquio to an extent. If Hatton could somehow remove the Grab and Clinch formula from this equation and go back to Pre-Tszyu fighting with combinations, instead of clinching, I would Pick Hattin by close UD in a war

    But now, I think Pacquaio's main variable is to get inside of Grabbin Hatton, where Ricky may not like it as much as he used to. Mayweather was no hard puncher, and we saw what he did to Hatton. Only instead of Mayweather jabbing and pot-shoting from the outside, this is Manny inside with 3 times the power and a certain resiliency in Pacquiao where he won't back down. The first 4 rounds may be Hatton boxing and jabbing with Ricky taking a lead. However, by mid-rounds, Manny WILL make this a brawl. If Hatton holds to survive, rather than hit back, Hatton will take shots to the body and the head will follow. The Hatton of recent years would rather hold, than war. Manny is still strong enough to hit Hatton on the arms, shoulders, elbows, maybe some low blows and eventually get him out of there.

    Manny Pacquaio TKO 11.

  9. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    I suggest you go back and rewatch the David Diaz-Manny Pacquiao fight if you think Pacquiao hits harder than Floyd. If he hits harder it's not by very much. Although Pacquiao is 2-0 with 2 KO's at 135 and above he landed a ton of punches to get those KO's. If Floyd was fighting a lot of the guys Pacquiao did he would look like a huge banger as well. It's not Pacquiao's power that makes him special at 135 and above it's his handspeed.
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  10. Punk

    Punk Site Owner

    Pac is quick on his feet too. Anyway my money is on Hatton, primarily because he's paying 3-1 odds for the win and thats the smart bet.
  11. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    The way I see it playing out is that it's going to end up being a clinic by Pacquiao on throwing and connecting with the left hand, it will come in many forms, long straight ones, short jolting ones, and looping ones. Hatton won't be able to get out of the way of them. Once that begins to take shape he will become more desperate to get inside and end up walking into them. The fight should end up the way Mayweather=Hatton ended, as the fight goes on he will get peppered more and more until the dreaded accumulative effect kicks in. Being Pacquiao has more jolting punches than Mayweather it should take a couple of rounds less.

    LATINKING Member

    not that hard to predict!

    Pacquiao stops him in the middle rounds similar to what Floyd did to him.

    Pacquiao is just too fast for Ricky and add the fact that Ricky has slipped.

    Not to much that Ricky can change under Floyd Sr. Maybe just improve his conditioning.

    Pacquiao will batter him and stop him in round 9-10
  13. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    This fight is not that hard to predict, to be honest with all of you. Realistically, Cotto/Clottey is more difficult to predict than Pacquiao/Hatton.

    Who have they fought in their last three fights?

    Pacquiao = JMM (tough, competitive fight, but he got the victory), David Diaz @ 135lbs(dominated at stopped), and Oscar DLH @ 147lbs (dominated and stopped).

    Hatton = Floyd Mayweather @ 147lbs (got stopped), Juan Lazcano @ 140lbs (hurt a couple of times, but won a wide decision), and Paulie Malignaggi @ 140lbs (dominated and stopped).

    Hatton is undefeated at 140lbs, that's true, but he has NEVER faced a Manny Pacquiao caliber opponent at 140lbs either. Pacquiao's best punch is his straight left and Hatton is vulnerable to left hands. He was hurt, dropped, and KOed by a check left hook against Mayweather.

    Manny is simply too fast, improving as a fighter skillwise, and once he adjusts to the initial onslaught of Hatton's pressure and begins to time Hatton's charges, Hatton is in for a beating.

    Ricky Hatton is made to order for Manny Pacquiao. EASY fight to predict. This fight will not go 6 rounds. :clappy:
  14. edder

    edder onlineboxing.net

    Paquiao never faced anyone good?
    what about JMM and Erik Morales there not good or what?
  15. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    the only thing that is stopping me from loading up on Hatton in this fight is........

    Pac does not know how to lose yet. Hatton has tasted that before.

    when times get hard deep in the fight who remembers how to quit and who does not.
  16. Punk

    Punk Site Owner

    Pac's got 3 losses on his record dude.......:lol:

    I too think Pac will probably be too quick/nimble and pepper Hatton with shots, outboxing him for a dec. But with Hatton at 3-1, that's just too good to pass up.
  17. SuperJ

    SuperJ Member

    There are ALOT of good predictions in here. I like this one. :thumb:
  18. Jack1000

    Jack1000 Boxing Fanatic

    For Pacquiao-Hatton:

    It boils down to experience against the best opposition and who can show that type of determination and resilience to come back when the chips are down, or engage in toe-to-toe warfare. And those factors have to favor Manny in this fight.

    I am also not so sure about Ricky's ability to alter his game plan when faced with a pressure situation. Hatton from what I have seen, doesn't have a plan B because in the pre-Tszyu days, which I consider Ricky's prime, he didn't need a plan B. Hatton has not shown the ability to stand up to the better boxer, or the more experienced fighter and come out ahead, or for that matter, come out even. Manny had those two microscopically close fights with Marquez that the world thinks could have gone to either fighter or even have been a draw unofficially. However, for Hatton, he has struggled against supposedly easy fighters. Hatton does not have a Marquez to fall back on in terms of experience.

    The one thing is that IF there is an outside chance of the pre-Tszyu Hatton showing up and hitting Manny on the button with a hard shot where Manny could not recover. But this is unlikely. IF that happened, than you have to think, "Holy shit! Oscar must of been shot before he even came in the ring." (If Hatton wins.) There is a good point to be made and that is the measuring stick of how great Manny looked against Oscar who was a rag doll that night. If Manny had another fight previous going in with a natural quality Welterweight where Pacquiao had to win in a two-sided effort, I predict that NO ONE would be picking Hatton in this fight.

    Percent wise, I have Pacquiao winning at about 70% and Hatton at only 30%.

  19. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Jack, that is about the most biased piece of crap post I have ever read from you.
  20. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Don't pay attention to him Jack. Good post. :thumb:

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