Why is Floyd being so overrated going into the ODLH fight?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, May 3, 2007.

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    Well judging from your grammar....yes!:mex:
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    smart ass:lol:
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  4. Yeah, that's right I'm making a comparison between DLH and Ruiz. The common denominator isn't the quality of the fighter, it's the H Y P E.

    Don't sit here and try to say that many folks in the commonity weren't riding the Roy jock before the Ruiz fight (and even after). I saw lots of comments in here talking like the fight would be one of the biggest accomplishments in boxing history, when anyone with a brain knew that Ruiz was garbage. Fat assed Toney proved it by humiliating Ruiz just a couple of years later.

    DLH is being hyped by some on this site like he's a prime fighter in prime condition. Several of us recognize DLH's inactivity, his injuries, his age, the quality of his performances over the last few years, his lack of stamina, and the just plain lack of fire in the belly (except against punching bag Mayorga).

    Floyd is taking a risk, any fighter has to take a risk to get paid the big bucks. What most of us can see (at least according to the prediction count)si that it's a controlled risk and a calculated risk. No matter what DLH talks about his legacy, it's about the freaking wads of cash he's going to make from this fight.
  5. Ringside

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    De La Hoyas legacy fight would have been beating Hopkins in his later yeras..Tito early on..both lost.....not this one..get real folks..Ringo
  6. The Hitman

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    roy jones relative to john ruiz and mayweather relative to DLH are completely non-comparable... if you arer saying both Ruiz and DLH were/have been over hyped... even if its true, the difference between the two is monumental.

    floyd beating DLH is a hundred times more impressive than jones beating ruiz.

    NO one recognizes this illusion of yours that DLH "eked by Castillejo," i would challenge any notion that DLH even lost to Mosley. DLH's fights at 160 are irrelevant to THIS fight... his fights at 154 are relevant, and at 154 i haven't seen him lose a fight

    DLH is not prime but what is key here is that mayweather is two weight classes out of his element. he won't be able to hurt DLH, at least not significantly, so he has to out skill him.

    DLH hasn't lost THAT much handspeed, aside from Zab Judah i think he is probably the fastest guy Floyd has fought (maybe corley too), he is the smartest fighter, most experienced, best combination of speed AND power that floyd has ever fought.
  7. Remus

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    good work, ignore the innactivity facts. you're as selective as nancy.
  8. Mark G

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    How do you think his speed looked against Mayorga?

    A lot of people say he looked impressive in that fight, but I think the fact that DLH is well-schooled made him look faster than he really was. Still, he didn't look slow by any means, and still has impressive hand speed, etc. He's nowhere near being a shot fighter, he can still kick some serious ass. That's how I see anyways.
  9. sanchito

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    I'm watching PBF's fights on ESPN...Mayweather is ALWAYS getting booed, even in his 4 rounders...crazy.
  10. Remus

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    he looked great cos he didn't have to try and find mayorga.
  11. The Hitman

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    I agree... he isn't as fast as he once was, and the fact that he was in there with Mayorga made him look faster than he really is.... but just as you said his handspeed is still impressive and he can still kick some ass.
  12. The Hitman

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    inactivity is the only leg you guys have to stand on, imo. yea he hasn;t fought in a year big fuckin whoop. that makes him comparable to john ruiz?? haha. would it stop your whining if he had fought a scrub inbetween Mayorga and now?

    i mean its not a prime DLH- he is still an excellent opponent.
  13. Michael Matos

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    The way Boxing is structured these days is De La Hoya inactive or well rested?
  14. Remus

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    what the hell does this have to do with john ruiz ? he's fought 5 rnds against a guy that was standing in front of him in 2 years and he is at the END of his career. those are the facts.
  15. The Hitman

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    the other facts are all laid out above, like i said- inactivity is the only leg you guys have to stand on. according to you guys this inactivity, or well restedness as mentioned, has dropped DLH to a complete non factor against Floyd. A year out of the ring nullifies all of DLH's excellent qualities as a fighter (and the bigger man, which you have to be completely dense to ignore) and erases the historical significance of this fight completely? get outta here. that's bullshit and you know it.

    sorry to bring up ruiz, i shouldn't lump you in with bouffant and his illusions... altho your own illusions are almost as ludicrous

  16. I have no illusions. I watched the Castillejo fight. He did not look impressive at all until the 12th when he got a knockdown. The scoring margins were wider than they should have been and everyone at the time said so. I defy you to find anyone who classifies that fight as a scintillating DLH victory. It was a dull fight and DLH squeezed out an unimpressive victory on the cards.

    And since you have forgotten, here is DLHs record since 2003:

    Ricardo Mayorga W TKO 6
    Bernard Hopkins L KO 9
    Felix Sturm W UD 12
    Shane Mosley L UD 12
    Luis Ramon Campas W TKO 7

    He's fought 5 times in the last four years. Two of those fights are losses (1 by KO) and one of the victories (Sturm) many feel was a gift on the cards. Which of his victories in that group make you feel like he'll have enough to beat Floyd? Was it vs. Hopkins? Oh yeah, that's right he got stopped. Was it when he looked pretty good vs. Mosley in 2003? Oh yeah, he lost and even if you think he deserved the win, it apparently wasn't decisive enough.

    DLH is better quality than Ruiz, I never said otherwise. He's also a lot closer to Floyd in weight than RJJ was to Ruiz. And just like that fight, the bigger guy is being made out to be more of a threat than he should be.

    Like we've said many times over. It's not just one year that he's been inactive, it's this entire decade. He's fought exactly 10 times in 7 years and those years have been plagued with injury, with loss, with several unimpressive outings and few impressive wins. Beating the likes of Gatti, Campas, Mayorga and Vargas doesn't mean anything when talking about a slick and speedy fighter like Floyd.

    Floyd is too fast and too good defensively. He'll be on his bike all night. He may have a few close calls in the early rounds, but by the mid to late rounds, he's going to make DLH look like an old man. Mark my words.
  17. The Hitman

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    Valdosta had it right- DLH eking by Castillejo is one of the dumbest boxing statements ever made. its no use trying to backtrack now, DLH dominated that fight.

    Out of all those fights you list, 154 is what is important here. And those 3 fights are all wins in my book. a close fight with shane mosley (whether he won or lost, it was close) means that DLH is on the level of ruiz? haha. certainly it wasn;t a decisive performance against mosley... but mosley is also an elite fighter who is MUCH stronger than mayweather.

    what i have seen of DLH at 154 is the best combination of speed and power that Mayweather has ever seen, a fighter who floyd cannot hurt or match up in any way shape or form in terms of strength, a smarter and more experienced fighter than floyd has ever fought. If you beat this man it is a special acheivement (and when the hell could you ever say that about john ruiz), he's not an old man he is 34 flippin years old.

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    I just did.

  19. Ringside

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    I'm watching the reruns and six years ago when he was younger and fought Vargas he kept his hands low for a lot of the fight and Vargas scored well early on near the ropes even though he was much slower. If an older De La Hoya drops his hand anywhere near that he will get tatooed...Ringo
  20. The Hitman

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    to a point yes... but you guys are making DLH out to be arturo gatti here.... GATTI got tattoed, DLH will not get tattooed like that. DLH will also not be significantly hurt by floyd's punches either.

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