Why Hagler Could Take a Punch

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  1. (as detailed in ‘Sorcery at Caesars’)

    Hagler’s lineage provided him magnificent boxing genes – that much was certain. He was graced with long arms and shoulders as wide as his ambition. More remarkable was his temporalis – a muscle that runs across the skull at both temples. Most temporalis are a quarter-inch thick, but both of Hagler’s were one inch, a phenomenon that astounded his physician when it was discovered during a routine exam in 1983. Hagler’s temporalis acted as a natural helmet and almost certainly helped him absorb blows. But he was sensitive to the notion of freakish physicality, perhaps from a racial perspective, and bridled at questions about his temporalis.
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    This Sorcery at Caesars dude is a racist faggot and I hope he dies right now.
  5. i interact with intelligent reasonable posts.
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    What he said is racist??
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    Yes. If you are old enough and have a good memory it is.

    The Journal Of American Medicine reported some 50 years ago the black man was stranded in a primitve stage and approached the anthropoid ape in the essential physical characteristics in which he differs anatomically from the rest of mankind.

    Further to the point. The toughness of black skin is directly related to one of the fundamental themes of Western racial biology, the ideas that blacks do not feel pain as easily as whites do therefore rationalizing their exploitation and brutalization.
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    Matos is correct yet again.

  11. it's not racist to report the facts.
    the facts are that Hagler's physician documented this physical phenomenon.

    it doesn't mean i endorse it, or approve it. i reported it - that's how history is told.
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    Wow, he responds.

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    I don't think what he said was meant to be racist. I heard something similiar about Julio Cesar Chavez I believe.
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    Right JC Chavez had an unusually thick cranium...the actually bone thickness...this would certainly provide protection from trauma...
    I've read that about other fighters too.

    It sucks that we have to pretend athletes especially don't have genetically different physical attributes...they DO...I've always thought of fighters...lot of good athletes out there that can probably hit hard and move well...probably dozens in the NFL that could have learned the trade had they been inclined...but taking the punch is the gift.

    Its true in baseball too. It is documented that most pitchers have unusual construction of the shoulder socket...they have extreme range of motion and elasticity of ligaments and tendons that would go beyond just the fact that they have trained their arm...So while you can look at a fat pitcher and think he isn't much...he IS physically gifted...his gift is just a very specific function that may or may not come with a beer gut...
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    The only people who would agree with that shit are people who probably can't read in the first place.
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    Does that mean you don't think there are physical differences between races? other than skin color? ...and hair texture?... and eye shape? ...and propensity for certain diseases? other than that I mean?

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