Why don't today's fighters last as long as the old-timers?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Sep 13, 2006.

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    When thinking of Modern fighters like Pep, Saddler, and Robinson, one can't help but be amazed at their fight records. These guys didn't start breaking down well into 100 fights. It's simply amazing. Next we look at Chavez/Duran and see that they didn't begin to break down until about 80+.

    Have you ever wondered why today's fighters don't last as long? Are they simply not as tough as the old-time champions? Or do they break down sooner due to the fact that they're constantly testing themselves against much better opposition albeit only a few times a year? For example, although most of the old-timers with great fight records did face world-rated opposition, there were a lot of creampuffs sprinkled in between. So in other words, could it be that today's fighters are just as capable of compiling such lenghty records, but they simply lack the luxury of fighting a creampuff every month in between defending against the top contenders in their respective divisions? On the other side of the coin, could today's fighters even manage the same consistency displayed by many of yesteryear's champions even when they're not facing top opposition?

    I thought I'd throw out a few of these thoughts to get the discussion going. I think it's a very interesting topic. I await your thoughts. [​IMG]

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    Alot of the old guys had to fight more often ,because of the need for money-and I guess were probably always in better shape,because of it- only one champ ,so they had to stack up their records and hope they would get a shot [​IMG] -also not as much fastfood joints [​IMG]
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    Simple and with many good points. I like it. [​IMG]

    In your opinion, are today's fighters are "tough" as yesteryear's?
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    I don,t know- but the old timers Had! to have the number of fights they had ,not from choice or to prove how tough they were,but because that is how it was-Why would a fighter today, need 50-60 fights-to challenge for the WBO 115 pound title,it wouldn,t make sense or be a requirement.The old timers know full well they would take the oppurtunity if they had the chance.

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