Why doesn't John Ruiz get more credit?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Rebel

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    John Ruiz annoys a lot of people. However, if you take a look at the guys track record, he has "quietly" put together a decent resume. He's the virus that no one can get rid of.

    Ruiz has victories over Holyfield, Jimmy Thunder, Tony Tucker, Kirk Johnson, Rahman, Oquendo, Golota, and most recently Jameel McCline. Not to mention, Toney cheated against him and he was arguably robbed against Valuev and Chagaev.

    Love him or hate him, he just doesn't go away. Therefore, he deserves a title shot against Wlad. Perhaps, Baby Klit can become the first person to legitamtely defeat Ruiz since Holyfield defeated him in 2000. No, I don't count the RJJ fight because RJJ was roided out. :rotf:

    So who's with me? Ruiz/Wlad for all the marbles!!!! :clappy:
  2. I give him credit... for dragging the heavyweight division into the crapper.

    I've been a boxing fan for almost 25 years and I stopped watching heavyweights for a while because of the Ruiz->Holyfield belt pass. He brought the suckiness like few other fighters. Klit may have an off night (or 2 or 3) but watching Ruiz is like scratching your eyes with steel wool.

    No thanks.
  3. Valdosta

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    I know this is a joke post but Chagaev beat Ruiz real clearly.
  4. Yobbo

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    Lewis ducked Ruiz. That should never be forgotten.

    BULLYSON Member

    why doesn't ruiz get penalized for excessive holding???
  6. Michael Matos

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    The promised "new" John Ruiz (43-7-1, 29 KOs) seems exactly like the old one. "The Quiet Man" tediously grappled his way to a unanimous decision win over equally disappointing Jameel McCline (39-9-3, 23 KOs). Scores were 117-111, 118-110, and 119-109 in a bout that left the fans in Cancun to entertain themselves by mocking the fighters with chants, catcalls, and whistles normally reserved for the ring card girls.

    Thats why.
  7. Rebel

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  8. neo_wolf

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    Funny, but Ruiz will most probably get into the HOF because he was the first Latino heavyweight belt holder.
  9. TyrantT316

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    And probably for being the first that I can think of to lose the HW Championship to former Middleweights
  10. Rebel

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    Yeah but he was on roids. :grayupset:
  11. Chaos

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  12. O-Dogg33

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    I'm sure Ruiz is a nice guy and all but there's no way I will ever sit through another fight of his unless forced to at gunpoint.
  13. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    Wlad will not fear Ruiz because he's just not a big banger.

    Wlad destroys Ruiz rather easily.

  14. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    You forgot to add that Ruiz got beat up by a well past his prime blown up middleweight as well.

  15. EBIHARA63

    EBIHARA63 Member

    A very humble man is Ruiz-with a fucken lot to be humble about.
  16. john louise makes me sick....grab and jab, hold and clutch...

    if it wasnt for his tag team partners(joe 'fair but firm' my azz' cortez and don 'only in america' king) i dont think he beats holy in that 2nd fight so no 3rd fight and doesnt beat johnson

    LL would have destroyed this fraud

    all i know is that he let ole roy punk his asss

    i do give him credit for coming back from that 18 second ko by tua, but thats about it...

    he made alot of money thanks to king, but the whole 'first latino heavyweight champion' really didnt fly, imo

    the heavyweight division would have been better off without ruiz
  17. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Ruiz is like Jason, you can't kill the fucker and he's badass. :clappy:
  18. Rabid Kimba

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    WTF, all of a sudden you like to slurp rican cum?

  19. Rebel

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    Callate pinchi Eros mamavergas. :lol:
  20. Eric0816

    Eric0816 Lolo Jones fan

    Chagaev clearly beat Ruiz. Then again Rebel has never seen the fight.

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