Who's greater, Roy Jones Jr. or Juan Manuel Marquez?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by neo_wolf, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. REED

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    A "No Brainer" to Someone LACKING a Brain...Marquez would Need to DECISIVELY Beat BOTH of them (which he WON'T) B 4 we can Even ENTERTAIN the Notion of him Being GREATER than Roy Jones...

  2. Mark G

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    Definitely. Both Floyd and Pac are great fighters and pfp superstars, Floyd and this point is a MUCH bigger win that Toney or a green Hopkins or Ruiz. Pac is an all time great.
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  3. Mark G

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    His lack of fights of the year are partially due to the fact that he wouldn't challenge himself and put himself in a situation that he would have to dig deep and put forth a great performance. He never had the heart to do anything like that.
  4. REED

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    CLEARLY, U MISSED the 1st Fight w/Tarver...U ALSO Musta MISSED the Ruiz Fight, when Roy GAVE AWAY 33 Lbs to a YOUNGER, STRONGER Man...

    But Hey, DON'T Allow FACTS to Get N the Way of your HATE, Homey...

  5. Mark G

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    How many heavyweights did he NOT fight before he chose to fight that ever so dangerous action power puncher in Ruiz.

    If he even backed out against fat old Buster Douglass, you can forget about him taking on a dangerous heavyweight like Holyfield, Tyson, Bowe, Lewis, Moorer, or any of the dangerous heavyweights that would taken his head off.

    He chose Ruiz for a purpose, and it is consistent with the way he ran the rest of his career/

  6. REED

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    & YOU'RE Consistent as Well...CONSISTENTLY Holding Roy Jones to a HIGHER Standard than U Will ANY Other Fighter...Only Roy Jones Could GIVE AWAY 33 lbs to a YOUNGER, BIGGER, STRONGER Man (Who Knocked Evander Holyfield AND Kirk Johnson on their Asses, Mind U) & Have it MINIMIZED by the Likes of U....

    The FACT is, Roy Jones, who BEGAN his Career @ 154 lbs, DOMINATED a HEAVYWEIGHT Title Holder...A Guy who Made Quite a Few Title Defenses Before AND AFTER Roy Beat him...But Instead, All YOU Want to Focus on is the Number of Heavyweights that Roy (a NATURAL Supermiddleweight) DIDN'T Face???...

    F.Y.I., Roy Jones TRIED to Fight Evander Holyfield, but Holyfield Felt James Toney was a SAFER, More WINNABLE Fight for him...After Beating Ruiz, Roy Unsuccessfully Negotiated w/Holyfield FOR MONTHS...Holyfield FINALLY Said "NO", then Roy CHALLENGED Himself by DROPPING 25 lbs of MUSCLE in about 4 1/2-5 Weeks, DIGGING Deeeeeeeeep & WINNING a Decision Over Tarver, in a Fight that U Apparently MISSED...

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  7. Mark G

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    At what stage in his career this version of Holyfield that you are using to try to Bolster Jones and Ruiz?

    Was this near the time that Holyfield lost to Larry Donald and Chris Tyrd by any chace?

  8. REED

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    Hey, YOU'RE the Guy that Mentioned Holyfield as a Heavyweight that Roy DIDN'T Try to Fight, NOT REED:no:...

    NEWSFLASH!!!...Shortly After Beating Ruiz for a Heavyweight Belt, Roy DID Try to Make a Fight w/Holyfield...AND Mike Tyson for that Matter, but Mike was Caught Up in the Legalities of his Bankruptcy Situation...Can't Recall what Year it was, but Mike AND Roy BOTH Appeared on the Source Awards TOGETHER...On Stage, Mike Told Roy he Wanted to Fight him, Roy ACCEPTED & a Couple Months Later, Mike DIDN'T Accept the Offer...

    U're COMICAL, Dog...1st U Bitch about Roy NOT Fighting Guys, but then when REED Points Out WHO & WHEN Roy Tried to Fight them, U Bitch about Something Else:lol:...

  9. Mark G

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    Yeah. Roy has really good reasons why all of his potentially big fights with quality opponents fell through.
  10. REED

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    Well, Contrary to What YOU Think or Say, Roy STILL Managed to Fight his Share of "Quality Opponents"...Especially on THIS Site, Roy's Resume is UNDERRATED...

  11. steve_dave

    steve_dave Hard as Fuck

  12. Mark G

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    I wrote in an earlier post in this thread that I give him some credit for relative longevity and beating some "good" opponents along the way.
  13. Mikkel

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    The word "fact", is really overused on the internet. People use it when they want to state something that is for sure not a fact.
    A few fights I'd like to see back then. Rm with Toney, Hopkins. fight with Darius and Slappy.
    Those never happened, instead and endless string against bums happened. This string ended with RJJ fighting Ruiz, the king of HW bums.
    Alot of fights didnt happen for one reason or the other. But FACT is, they didnt happen. RJJ was a disappointment, compared to the "real" greats like Hagler, Hearns, Ali, SRL etc.
    To me, he just dont belong there, same as PBF.
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  14. Rebel

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    If anyone is closer to those guys it's RJJ though. At least he eventually tested himself at the tail end of his career. Perhaps PBF will do the same. We shall see.
  15. jaws1216

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    Should Larry Holmes have given Tex Cobb a rematch?

    RJJ is a disappointment in part because he didn't give Toney a rematch:lol:

    Joe Calzaghe refused to fight Roy, same with Nigel Benn. Bernard Hopkins was king of a terrible MW division, and lost to everyone faster than him that he ever faced. What makes anyone think a rematch would be different.

    This is rich. On other sites I'm a "RJJ hater" but at least I acknowledge his talent and the times he did prove himself.

    Comparing his standing in history alongside JMM is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. JMM has NEVER been the best in the world. He HAS been in "disputed" decisions according to his legions of fans. His claim to fame is winning a draw against Pacquiao on a SCORING ERROR, and subsequently losing the rematch. DESPITE this, people insist he's better than pac:lol:
  16. Mikkel

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    Doesnt matter WHY the fights didnt happen, they didnt. We were forced to watching 10 years of RJJ bum beating.
    As I heard it he didnt fight slappy and darius because he didnt want to goto their countries, or it was the other way around. Or it was because he prized himself out (a trick PBF is using all the time). Thing is with RJJ, he is surrounded by so many excuses, it cant be pure coincidental anymore. I can understand why some people prefer to watch MMA, because at least the fights happen here.
  17. Rebel

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    It comes down to our perception of fights, decisions, and fighters' skills.

    I liken it to religious beliefs. I'm Christian. That guy's Buddhist. She's Muslim. While I respect everyone's beliefs, in my heart I'll always believe my perception is correct.
  18. Mikkel

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    I dont think you can compare Tex Cobb-Larry Holmes with Toney-RJJ. I mean Toney and RJJ was the top dogs at the time, and Tex Cobb was nothing. So a rematch with Toney at some time would have been appropriate.
  19. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    I agree, particularly considering Toney's success in higher weight classes later on in his career.
  20. BJ*

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    i just thought that was worth reading again :thumb: (will probably be skipped by those who should be reading it though)

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