Who's better Hagler or Hopkins?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Black Gatti, Oct 1, 2013.

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    For one thing Hagler is more highly regarded in standing on the best middleweight's list's. Why not. Hagler was more pleasing to watch. Hagler could switch up and Box from either side. To this day I've never seen a fighter who come's close to Hagler that could box from either side with equal effecti. The Hagler fight's are more remembered than the Hopkin's fight's. Hagler's best fight was Hearn's. Hopkin's was Trinidad.

    The question now becomes who was better. I liked Hagler better. Doe's that mean Hagler was better than Hopkin's. No, IMO.

    The VS. part .My thought is if they would have fought each other when they both were not champion's. They each had two defeat's. Not when they were champion's. Who win's. I don't know.

    Never count out Hopkin's a master outside of the ring as well as inside of the ring. That's how close it is. Hagler was one determined fighter. So was Hopkin's. Both were gym rat's. Solid as Solid can get. On and On.

    Out of all the myth fight's ever in time this is the one that would be on the top of my list

    IMO it's a tie.
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    I think Hagler was a little better. Hagler was one of the most complete and versatile fighters ever. Heavy hands, long arms, great jab, solid defense, accurate, terrific combos, great punch resistance, conditioning, etc...It was somewhat surprising that Hagler had a rather underdeveloped/underused straight left, as his left uppercut was his best left hand punch, but he could do many things so well. He could fight effectively from either side, use the ring and box from the outside, fight at close and mid range. He was a methodical boxer who turned into a bull against Hearns and took him out in 8 minutes.

    That said, Hagler-Hopkins is a damn near pick em' to me. Hopkins is a terrific fighter as well, who can fight in different styles, is great as neutralizing his opponents, and has a ton of experience against lefties. He's also 3-4 inches taller and would likely outweigh Hagler on fight night. He was terrificly conditioned and didn't have to be so economical with his punch output as he was when he was old.

    Some of Hagler's early fights aren't available on film. By all accounts, Hagler was legitimately beat by Monroe. But his other losses, and one of his draws, I disagreed with (I can't speak on the Seales draw as I've never seen it). I thought Hagler beats Boogaloo Watts, he constantly made Watts miss with his head movement and outlanded him to win at least 6 rounds on my card. Vito was definitely fortunate to get a draw against Hagler IMO, and I had the Leonard fight 114-114. Assuming the other fights were fair, I only had him losing 1 bout.

    I also thought Hopkins had some bad luck with the judges as well.
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    I still like Hagler.

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