Who were some fighters who were dominating and....

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    giving there opponenents a beating until getting stopped?? Is there a lot of these examples. I was thinking about it while I was watching Carbajal-Arce.
  2. Hawktime

    Hawktime Guest

    Herol Graham vs Julian Jackson is the best example i can think of from the top of my head.

    jackson had hit Graham once or twice in 4 whole rounds and was being beaten so badly the ref was going to stop the fight after the 4th.Graham got cocky and open though and went for the knockout and walked right into a punch that would have KO'd Marvin Hagler.Graham was an amazing defensive boxer, one of the very best but will always be remembered for this KO.

    John david jackson vs jorge Castro is another classic one.
  3. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    chavez vs taylor
  4. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Chavez wasn't taking a beating. He was getting outpointed but not beaten up.
  5. Joonie73

    Joonie73 Guest

    Sorjaturong v. Gonzalez, Hong v. Carrasquilla (Hong down 4 times in the 2nd but comes back in the 3rd breaks Carrasquilla's ribs in several pieces & ruins him), Barkley v. Hearns I, Shoji Oguma v. Chan-Hee Park I, Chul-Ho Kim v. Rafael Orono I, Sauol Mamby v. Sang-Hyun Kim.

  6. The Hitman

    The Hitman Hitman

    Jake LaMotta copped a beating from Dauthiulle in the rematch then he KO'd the Frenchie with less than 30 secs left in the 15th.

    one of my faves- Junior Jones was getting his ass HANDED to him on the Hamed-Ingle under, by Rich Everett. jones was getting beat around the ring. it was this fight that told you for SURE that he was shot, his legs were jelly every time he was hit. then jones in the 11th clobbers him with a left hook of all things! KO

  7. dmille

    dmille Guest

    Agree. It was Taylor that was taking the BEATING.
  8. ericjw

    ericjw Member

    George Foreman-Michael Moorer

    Kevin Kelley-Derrick Gainer I- very competitive fight, but Kelley was taking a beating physically, one eye basically shut.
  9. Crocodillo

    Crocodillo Guest

    carbs was taking a facial beating but the bout was competitive all the way until the end and the knockout was a well timed and great punch

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