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    Everything progresses, When Boxing first came along the only way you could see a fight was to be there. Then came radio, then television, then satellites which gave us closed circuit which gave us PPV. Like every progression PPV is going to have it's day and each progression overlapped with the previous progression. The latest progression is the DAZN model and to a lesser extent ESPN+. You pay a set fee per month or year and you get all that promoters fights. PPV is on it's last legs.
    Just a quick word on PPV popularity. It's estimated that 100 million people saw Ali vs ,Frazier I, Ali vs. Foreman and Leonard vs Hearns. True story, when Ali and Frazier were working out the deal for their first fight the promoters Jerry Perrenchio and Jack Kent Cooke gave Ali and Frazier two options. Option number one , each fighter gets 2.5 million or Option two, both fighters get one million plus ten percent of worldwide closed circuit. They took the 2.5. Both Ali and Frazier said that it was the worst mistake they ever made.
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    When you add in the gate receipts, PPV and overseas broadcast rights Wilder-Ortiz generated $25 million in revenue.
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    is that good or bad ? I swear I have no idea lol
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    I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but even i know that if they only made 25 mil...Yeah it was pretty bad lol.

    Considering this info

    Wilder vs. Ortiz 2 fight purse, prize money
    Wilder will make at least $3 million, while Ortiz's payout begins at $1.5 million, per Yahoo's Kevin Iole. But according to an ESPN report (via Forbes), Wilder will end up with closer to $20 million, and Ortiz $7 million.
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    If these number are correct it means Wilder allegedly turned down 120 mil deal with dazn for nothing :rotfl::mexsmiley:.
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    As a fighter you have to think long and hard about accepting a DAZN deal because to use Wilder as an example and the alleged 120 million dollar deal, first of all it's only 120 million on paper. It was either a five or six fight deal. What happens if you don't fight the six fights? Or more to the point what happens if you can't fight the six fights, detached retina or some other career ending injury, or something happens outside the ring that cuts your career short. While I don't agree with Mayweather on just about everything he was right when he left HBO because he didn't want to be a slave because when you sign up for those five or six fights deals that's what you are, a slave, albeit a very well paid slave.
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    Yeah I dont have the details. Supposedly Canelo signed a 350 million deal the dazn. So how does that work if he gets (knock on wood) knocked out in his next fight?

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