What was RJ's prime weight?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Xplosive, Dec 9, 2003.

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    I don't mean in terms of accomlishment, I mean overall, which weight was he at his PRIME? 160, 168, or 175? I think its 168. At 160 he was at his best in terms of speed, reflexes, and power, 175 he was at his peak in terms of skills, and intelligence, at 168 I think he was the perfect blend of both. Not to wild, and sloppy, yet he DID show killer instinct at that weight when he got guys in trouble. I don't give a fuck what y'all say about his comp, the 168 Roy Jones was one of the best fighters I've ever seen. Perfect blend of speed, power, reflex, skills, brains, stamina, and chin.
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    i agree. his comp was pretty poor after toney imo, but still the best fighter he ever beat was at 168: James Toney... and he was marvelous in that fight.

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    Good question. I'd say roughly from ages 25-28 (IMO the physical prime) and that would put him at 168 and 175. IMO Roy grew into a full fledged lightheavy at age 27 and that was his fighting weight for the majority of his career. DLH's prime weight IMO was 147 which he also grew into in the mid 20's. TIP
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    At 160 he was damn awesome but he wasn't there long enough for me to call it his prime weight. He started struggling to make weight after awhile. 168 is a step towards light heavyweight. LOL I'd say his prime was at 175.
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    At 160 lbs, he was still learning his trade a little (with very good matchmaking from Jones Sr.).

    At 168, he was great, but in reallity, that is a Lt. Hwy. weight.

    He fought most of his Championship career at 175 lbs.
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    Great topic. I agree with your assessment at 168. I saw him fight in person at that weight, and he was tremendous.

    Interesting to note that Jones was quoted as saying he often entered the ring at 175 when he was fighting at 160. You can find the quote on a tape of Bernard Hopkins TKO6 Simon Brown when Jones was commentating for HBO.
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    175. That's where he fought the bulk of his career.
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    IMO, P4P, the Roy Jones at 168 pounds was the best version of RJJ. Although, light heavyweight MIGHT be his more NATURAL weight, although Roy wasn't exactly a super tall middleweight or super middleweight.
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