Triple G vs Canelo

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rabid Kimba, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. sanchito

    sanchito BF Resident Douchebag

    Pero tiene la cara de nopal...honestly though, the guy is a very good fighter...previously I thought he was hype too...but he really has grown into a champion...that can't be denied.
  2. sanchito

    sanchito BF Resident Douchebag

    You are right though, he absolutely still isn't his fault though.
  3. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    Yup...Canelo esta blanquito, but he does have some indio traits as well. He has tiny little bitty dark eyes...como las de un paisa.
  4. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    I have mentioned SEVERAL ludicrous cards for Canelo in various fights. Let's not pretend like judges don't favor this guy to a huge degree. In fact something that is overlooked because of the 118-110 is the judge who had 114-114 had round 7 for Canelo which is a joke. As for the actual rematch Golovkin could also be more aggressive earlier instead of fighting at a slower pace the first 3 rounds. I imagine the fight will look dry similar to the first fight and close again tbh. I am not going to pretend Canelo can fight 36 hard minutes though, he clearly can't.

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