The Top 5 Fighters From the 80s and 90s

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Rebel

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    1. Sugar Ray Leonard
    2. Julio Cesar Chavez
    3. Salvador Sanchez
    4. Marvin Hagler
    5. Thomas Hearns

    Honorable Mentions: Mike Spinks, Mike Tyson, Aaron Pryor, Larry Holmes


    1. Pernell Whittaker
    2. Roy Jones Jr.
    3. Ricardo Lopez
    4. Oscar De La Hoya
    5. Evander Holyfield

    Honorable Mentions: Erik Morales, Bernard Hopkins, James Toney, Felix Trinidad, Lennox Lewis

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  2. Xplosive

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    How in the hell could you leave out Larry Holmes for the 80's?
  3. Rebel

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    You're right. I just picked the top fighters off the top of my head and threw in honrable mentions that popped up as well. I've added him to my honorable mentions for 80s. [​IMG]

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  4. Xplosive

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    Aight, cool. I have no problem with the rest of your list. Only I'd prolly rank Tito ahead of Holy.
  5. Xplosive

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    You should add Hopkins & Toney for 90's HM. Toney was dominate in the early-to-mid 90's, and Hopkins dominated Middle for the better part of the decade.
  6. Rebel

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    I just did. What do your lists look like?
  7. Xplosive

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    1. Leonard
    2. Hagler
    3. Sanchez
    4. Holmes
    5. Chavez

    Honorable mention: Hearns, Pryor, Tyson, Spinks, McCallum, Curry.


    1. Tie between Jones & Whitaker.
    2. Lopez
    3. DLH
    4. Tito
    5. Chavez

    Honorable mention: Holy, Toney, Hopkins, Lewis, Morales, Norris.

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  8. Xplosive

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    Yo Rebz, I think we both forgot Mike McCallum! The Body Snatcher deserves 80's HM. So does Curry.
  9. Valentino

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    From the 80s

    1- Sugar Ray Leonard
    2- Michael Spinks
    3- Julio Cesar Chavez
    4- Larry Holmes
    5- Mike Tyson/Thomas Hearns

    Note: Salvador Sanchez professional career was only 8 years?of which the vast majority took place in the 70s. However, his championship fights took place in the 80s. I have a problem ranking him in the 80s, because he only fought 3 years in the 80s. While fighters like Hagler, Tyson, Holmes, Hearns, Chavez, Spinks, Leonard, and even Whitaker and Holyfield managed to win as many fights during the same decade.

    From the 90s

    1- Pernell Whitaker
    2- Evander Holyfield
    3- Ricardo Lopez
    4- Felix Trinidad/RJJ
    5- ODLH

    EDIT after reading X's argument.

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  10. Valentino

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    Now that I think about it...Tyson should be top 5 in the 80s.
  11. Xplosive

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    Jones had his best wins(Toney, Hopkins, Griffin, Castro, Tate, Hill, Johnson) in the 90's.

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  12. Valentino

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    I cannot rank ODLH above Tito during the 1990s.

    Trinidad had an undefeated record from 1990 to 1999. With 16 consecutive WELTERWEIGHT Title fight victories (a World Record in a division that had all time greats such as Amstrong, Gavilan, Leonard, Benitez, Hearns, Sugar Ray Robinson, etc.).
    He had a 35-0 record with 29 KOs. Of which 47% of those fights were WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTS. In addition to that, he is one of the ALL TIME YOUNGEST fighters to ever win a World Title. An impressive accomplishment considering that he had a relatively short amateur career.

    ODLH had a 31-1 record with 25 KOs. Of which 14 fights were World Title fights (I don?t count the WBO, with the solely exception of the fights he fought at lightweight AFTER winning the IBF). To his credit, he was a 3-division champion and had very good names in his resume.

    Here is my problem: Trinidad only had ONE controversial fight from 1990 to 1999. ODLH had FOUR controversial fights from 1992 to 1999. An argument could be made that ODLH was ?shafted? in the Tito-ODLH fight. However, the same argument could be made with Molina (which I disagree), Whitaker, and Quartey and their fights with ODLH.
  13. Valentino

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    Actually...that's a very good point. He belongs then.
  14. Valentino

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  15. Xplosive

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    Why doesn't anybody put Terry Norris on a list? Norris is underrated these days. I know he had a glass chin, and questionable opposition, but he still ruled 154 for the better part of the 90's, and at his best, was one of the better technicians of the 90's.
  16. Valdosta

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    What took you so long [​IMG]
  17. TPSM

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    sanchez doesnt quality for the 80s. he died too soon. hed have to go in the 70s category, and im not so sure he had accomplished enough there to make any top 5 list. i dont rank duran in the 80s because his best work came in the 70s. he fought past his ideal weight and had an up and down decade in the 80s. i cant rank hearns b/c he lost most of his biggest fights to leonard, hagler, barkley. though all time he's a great

    1. leonard
    2. holmes
    3. hagler
    4. tyson
    5. spinks

    1. whitaker
    2. chavez
    3. trinidad
    4. holyfield
    5. de la hoya

    note, jones is better p4p than all these guys probably, but he didnt have enough significant fights vs. world class opp. in the 90s to put him ahead of anyone on this list.

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  18. Rebel

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    Chavez in the 90s? He didn't do much then.

    I can't see how Holmes ranks above Chavez. Could you please explain your logic behind that one?
  19. Rebel

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    True but you can only have so many HMs. lol
  20. Rebel

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    In 3 years, Sanchez had better wins than 3 of your 80s fighters had in 10 years. Mike Tyson never beat a great fighter and he was only dominant for a few years against sub-par opposition before crumbling against Douglas.

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