The Ring's Junior Welterweight & Welterweight Ratings, April 1981

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    Joonie, this is all I could dig up. Here you go:

    April 1981


    World Champ: Ray Leonard
    1. Thomas Hearns
    2. Wilfredo Benitez
    3. Pipino Cuevas
    4. Roberto Duran
    5. Randy Shields
    6. Pete Ranzany
    7. Adolfo Viruet
    8. Jorgen Hansen
    9. Luis Primera
    10. Clint Jackson

    Junior Welterweights

    World Champ: Aaron Pryor
    1. Saoul Mamby
    2. Jo Kimpuani
    3. Lennox Blackmore
    4. Sang-Hyun Kim
    5. Domingo Ayala
    6. Dujuan Johnson
    7. Miguel Montilla
    8. Willie Rodriguez
    9. Bruce Curry
    10. Monroe Brooks
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    Just saw this; thanks, big guy! Were you able to find WBA & WBC rankings?

    P.S. Pryor should have fought Mamby.
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    I have an assortment of ratings from the 80's. WBC,WBA,IBF, British Commonwealth, the odd Oriental and Pacific ratings along with some NABF ratings I may or may not have what you are looking for. it's a collection in progress.
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    Welters and Junior Welters. Ring Magazine August 1981.


    Ray Leonard-Champion
    1. Tommy Hearns
    2. Pipino Cuevas
    3. Roberto Duran
    4. Randy Shields
    5. Pete Ranzany
    6. Adolfo Viruet
    7. Bruce Finch
    8.Milton McCroroy
    9. Luis Primera
    10. Roger Stafford
    11. Babs McCarthy
    12. Carlos Santos
    13. Pepe Dominguez
    14. Greg Stephens
    15. Davey Moore
    16. Marlon Starling
    17. Harold Volbrecht
    18. Larry Bonds
    19. Colin Jones
    20 Chung Jae Hwang

    Junior Welterweights.

    Aaron Pryor-Champion
    1. Saoul Mamby
    2. Jo Kimpuani
    3. Dujuan Johnson
    4. Miguel Montilla
    5. Lennox Blackmore
    6. Willie Rodriguez
    7. Monroe Brooks
    8. Lerpy Haley
    9. Johhny Bumphus
    10. Domingo Ayala
    11. Steve hearon
    12. Obisia Nwanka
    13. Bruce Curry
    14. Cristoabl Torres
    15. Sal Lopez
    16. Jorge Morales
    17. Jaun Jose Jiminez
    18. Mark Ibanez
    19. Robert Alfaro
    20. Hguo Luero
    21. Termite Watkins
    22. Steve Early
    23. Thomas Americo
    24. Antonio Guinaldo
    25. Hugo Quartapelle

    I do not have WBA and WBC rankings for this time frame.
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    I do have some limited WBC and WBA ratings for August 1981 for the following fighters.


    Flipper Uehara. Jr. Lightweight, #3 WBC, #10 WBA
    Tenyu Maruki. Featherweight, #10 WBA
    Hiroshi Gonohoe. Jr Featherweight #7 WBA
    Syuchi Isogami. Bantamweight, #6 WBA
    Jiro Watanabe. Jr. Bantamweight, #9 WBC
    Shoji Oguma. Jr. Bantamweight, #6 WBC
    Nobuyuki Watanabe. Flyweight, #7 WBA
    Koki Ishii. Flyweight, #5 WBA
    Masahara Inami Jr. Flyweight, #9 WBC
    Katsuo Tokashiki. Jr Flyweight, #2 WBA, #10 WBC

    Japanese fighters holding OPBF titles as of August 1981.

    Tadashi Mahara-Junior middleweight
    Royal Kobayashi-Featherweight
    Eijiro Murata-Bantamweight


    Johnny Soto. Jr. Lightweight, #4 WBC

    Phillipine OPBF titleholders as of August 1981.

    Willie Lucas-Jr, Featherweight
    William Develos-Jr. Bantamweight


    Vichit Muangroi. Jr. Featherweight, #1 WBA
    Netrnoi Sor Vorasingh. Jr Flyweight, #1 WBC

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