Tam's article on the biggest punchers ever

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Joonie73, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Joonie73

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  2. Joonie73

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    As I've mentioned to Tam before, the only notable omission I find here is Antonio Avelar. However, given that Avelar wasn't even "very good" perhaps he didn't fit Tam's criteria.
  3. Xplosive

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    Julian Jackson! When the Hawk hit a guy flush, with EITHER hand, 9 times outta 10 it was lights out!
  4. El Gavilan

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    Someone out there needs to do an in depth career analysis of Wilde.
  5. Valentino

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    I would have certainly added, Wilfredo Gomez, Jimmy Wilde, Pipino Cuevas, Roberto Duran, and Felix Trinidad.

    In particular Duran and Cuevas.
  6. Tam-Tam

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    Since when was Duran a one punch KO guy? He never was.

    Cuevas was close to being mentioned in runners up section. Gomez? I don't believe he was always a good one punch guy either. He's close though.
  7. Ringside

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    I din't see Sonny Liston there. He was better than Forman in his heyday. GodFather [​IMG]
  8. Valentino

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    It has to do more with their level of opposition. As the level of opposition gets greater, their knock out one-punch power decreases.

    Duran and Cuevas were great punchers.
  9. Tam-Tam

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    Duran wasn't really a one punch guy - no matter what the competition. Simple.
  10. Tam-Tam

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    Ken Buchanan might argue with that though.
  11. El Gavilan

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    Tell that to Ray Lampkin
  12. Tam-Tam

    Tam-Tam Member

    Come now Ed, even Genaro Hernandez scored a couple of rather brutal one punch KO's, I don't believe that's grounds for calling him a 'One punch KO guy'.

    Semantics can always be argued, but IMO - Durans strength lied in his hurtful punching and aggression, not his shocking, one punch KO power.
  13. Joonie73

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    Duran was a great puncher but not in the level of some of the guys mentioned. I think Gomez's one-punch power is a tad bit over-rated.

  14. Remus

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    the ommission i though was most noteable was tyson, (even though he is an hon mention).

    the jist of the article is that people watch fights for the opportunity of seeing of one punch to change a fight. for one punch to produce a spectacular KO.

    i believe mike tyson not only had that ability but he EPITOMISED that ability. he personified it and made it his catch cry, his draw. IMO he should be top of any list when it comes to one-punch KO power when you are discussing it in context of crowd pleasing etc.

    tino: duran was never a guy you watched for that one punch KO power. why the hell would he be in this company ? duran was a punisher and a destroyer.
  15. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    ?While it will always remain true that the technically brilliant boxers such Muhammad Ali, Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, Willie Pep, Ray Leonard and Roy Jones are the class of the sport.?

    Who has RJ beaten to be considered in the same sentence with those guys? I rather see a Carlos Monzon or Joe Louis mentioned there. But, RJJ? Give me a fucking break.
  16. Tam-Tam

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    Thanks for the feedback Remus. The article was aimed at fighters that the mainstream might know of and other that they wouldn't know of.

    My decision to not include Tyson in the 9, was because I had already included Foreman and I wanted to also stick in Shavers. Thats two heavyweights and I didn't want the list dominated by any one division.

    Tyson is the guy most people have mentioned, but seriously, while its true that in the modern game his KO's stick out - throughout history his KO's were no more brutal or shocking then the other men listed IMO.
  17. Remus

    Remus Member

    yupp, i agree with you're assessment and from a pure boxing point of view, POWER wise i like the list.

    but i think in context of the article, (fans wanna see big KO's and love seeing the one punch that can change a fight), i think mike is actually the #1.

    to give an analogy...if you were talking cricket and were discussing the best inning to save a test match, you'd look at steve waugh scoring 200 at kingstown WI against all the odds with aust 7 down. but if you were talking best innings with regard to the batting quality, it wouldn't be considered. the context of the subject changes the criteria.

    just my opinion anyway bro. good read and well written though. [​IMG]
  18. Tam-Tam

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    You really think some of the KO's Mike scored were better then ones guys like Foster or Jackson scored? Honestly, I don't see it like that, but thats just me. I think Mike is in their company and thats why he gets a mention in the Hon. Mention section as well as in the lead in - but I do think for brutality and the way that they're delivered, a Foster, Jackson or even Shavers KO is a little more impressive then Mikes.
  19. Remus

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    nope, i never said they were. but allow me to draw you're attention to a couple of lines from the opening of you're article...

    Yes, it is the great puncher that brings huge crowds into the arenas and has casual fans glued to their television sets.

    Indeed, the devastating power puncher has always been a favorite of the fans, even if it’s just on the chance that they might see something spectacular at any given time.

    now IMHO these two statements personify Mike Tyson. that's what i mean here...context. [​IMG]
  20. El Gavilan

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    Some more:

    Eugene "Cyclone" Hart
    Bob Satterfield
    Cleveland Williams
    Gerald McClellan
    John Mugabi
    Curtis "Hatchetman" Sheppard
    Rubin Carter

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