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  1. Michael Matos

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    Errol Spence Jr. crumpled Carlos Ocampo with a body shot in the closing seconds of the first round and that was all she wrote. He reminds me a lot of Ray Leonard not in style but in the way Leonard cut a swath through the division. Spence will beat any welterweight out there, line 'em up and he'll knock 'em down.
  2. Hawaiianpunch

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    I really like Spence he's the prototypical welterweight. Power, size, reach, speed and skill. He'll beat any welter including Webster.
  3. mex fighter

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    i've seen ocampo 3-4 times before.

    he seems slightly retarded, much like bobby boy velardez.
  4. El Profesor

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    The best part of the fight was seeing Jerruh Jones at the end and remembering that we still have the privilege to live in the country that has the Dallas Cowboys. :mexsmiley:

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