Some Stats on the Asian Home Court Advantage

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    I have written in various threads about how difficult it is to win a decision as a visitor in Asia. Some of you may find the following complete statistical break-down of Korea v. Japan title matches from 1980 to 1995 that went to the distance fascinating. Of the 23 fights, only 3 visitors won a decision: Kim (v. Takamura), Yuh (v. Ioka II), Choi (v. Yamaguchi). And as a flourish, the decisions in the Kim & Choi fights were absurdly close when the fights themselves were not; in fact, the Choi decision was a split, I believe.

    And the home court advantages that the Japanese & Korean fighters have is nothing compared to the ones that Thai fighters get. I believe no Korean fighter has yet to win a decision in Thailand (that was the case up to around 1999, when I believe an article was authored in a Korean boxing magazine about it) & Thailand is home to some of the most high-profile robberies in Asian boxing history.

    I've also put * next to fights that I know were deemed controversial.

    YOKO GUSHIKEN v. Yong-Hyun Kim (Japan)
    SHIGEO NAKAJIMA v. Sung-Jun Kim (Japan)*
    SHOJI OGUMA v. Sung-Jun Kim (Japan)*
    OGUMA v. Chan-Hee Park (Japan)*
    OGUMA v. Park (Japan)*
    CHUL-HO KIM v. Jiro Watanabe (Korea)*
    KATSUO TOKASHIKI v. Hwan-Jim Kim (Japan)*
    TOKASHIKI v. Sung-Nam Kim (Japan)
    TOKASHIKI v. Hwan-Jin Kim (Japan)
    JUNG-KOO CHANG v. Tadashi Kuramochi (Korea)
    YONG-KANG KIM v. Yukito Takamura (Japan)
    HIROKI IOKA v. Myung-Woo Yuh (Japan)
    IOKA v. Bong-Jun Kim (Japan)
    HIDEYUKI OHASHI v. Hi-Yong Choi (Japan)*
    YURI ARBACHAKOV v. Yun-Un Chin (Japan)
    YUH v. Ioka (Japan)
    KATSUYA OZNIKA v. Jae-Shin Lim (Japan)
    YUH v. Yuichi Hosono (Korea)
    ARBACHAKOV v. Nam-Hoon Cha (Japan)
    YASUEI YAKUSHIJI v. Jung-Il Byun (Japan)*
    OZNIKA v. Seung-Koo Lee (Japan)
    HIROSHI KAWASHIMA v. Seung-Koo Lee (Japan)
    HI-YONG CHOI v. Keiji Yamaguchii (Japan)

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