(Showtime PPV) Pacquiao vs. Mosley (May 7): R-B-R, Results

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  1. Mexican Eagle

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    so is the rest of the world idiot...Mexico tv azteca shows it for free...I'm sure many other countries.
  2. Valdosta

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    No idea how many rounds JMM wins. I know that his win against Katsidis wasn't all that impressive in my eyes and he hasn't proven he can fight at the bigger weights. I don't think he does very well.
  3. Mexican Eagle

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  4. gregg

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    Mosley went into survival mode again, he is happy to not get ko and get his payday, good for his wallet, bad for boxing and his legacy, he stinks up the place now, for a fighter to fight like he did in his day it is a shame.
  5. witton_lane

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    Was just a joke remark, no need to get your skiddy drawers in a twist over it.
  6. amth

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    is it just me or did mosley seem a little punchie in the pre fight interview
  7. BKING

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    Another dominant performance by Manny Pacquiao. I thought he won 11-1. That was not a KD in the 10th round, when Mosley shoved Pacquiao to the canvas. Yes, I gave Pacquiao that round too. Mosley won the first round, mostly based on his jabs, but Pacquiao took over in round two. Mosley ran and ran and ran as the fight went on. In any case, Pacquiao did what he had to do. You could tell that he was TRYING to KO Mosley, but Mosley didn't really want to fight, particularly in the 2nd half of the fight. Arce/Vasquez Jr was definitely the fight of the night. It was a war. Sure, the stoppage was a little crappy, but it turned out the result would've been the same - a win for Arce. Stoppage or not, Arce was winning the 12th round big, and the scores through 11 were 104-104 (twice) and 105-103 Vasquez. If they didn't stop it, Arce would've won a split decision. But I can see how it could possibly psychologically scar young Vasquez, knowing that he was close to at least having the fight go to a decision and being rescued by his father. Not the way you want to go out. Was a cruel stoppage? You could probably say that. Nonetheless, tremendous effort by Arce. The result is academic. Had it gone 12 rounds, I honestly couldn't give that fight to Vasquez. I had it 105-103 Arce going into the final round. Arce started out fast, fought aggressively, Vasquez came back in the middle rounds to the make the fight interesting and entertaining, but by the 11th round, Vasquez looked like beaten fighter; the accumulation of pressure and punishment had taken effect. Arce is one of those old dinosaurs who seems to have been around FOREVER. I can't believe it was 1999 when he got TKOed by MICHAEL CARBAJAL! We're in May 2011, and Arce is currently a world champion. Excellent longevity on the elite level for a guy who's made a career out of fighting in the lower weight classes, with the style he fights with. Those guys don't usually last too long, but he has. As for Kelly Pavlik, he looked rusty, but he also looked like the SAME Kelly Pavlik we'd been seeing prior to his time off. Decent puncher, but one-dimensional, and very leaky defense.

    Over all, decent night of boxing.
  8. Rebel

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    What's up amth? Where the heck have you been? Hope all is well.

    Agreed. Mosley has actually sounded a bit punchy for the last few years.
  9. Mark G

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    I saw it for free in Mexico. Glad I didn't directly contribute any money to Mosley's pathetic performance.
  10. Mark G

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    Good point.
  11. Mark G

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    Pac looked great like always, showed up to bring an action packed fight, and gave us another real of highlight quality combinations and power punches. Mosley turned in one of the most cowardly and pathetic performances of recent memory, forever damaging his legacy and image, but if anyone happens to make a list of fighters who can run backwards the fastest, at least he will have a shot at making it onto that list after his constant backwards sprints whenever Pac starting punching.
  12. Jack1000

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    Great undercards and POS main event!

    Is there going to be any kind of investigation or withholding of Shane's purse for his -3 effort like that? Or was everything just due to age?

  13. Mark G

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    GREAT fight! I really thought Vazquez was going to take this one going in, and when he landed that well timed left hook on Arce I thought it was going to be the beginning of the end. I was shocked to see Arce hang on and keep fighting down the stretch and actually beat the younger fighter, damn!
  14. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    I wouldn't be so hard on Mosley. He ran because he didn't want to get stopped. He knew he had nothing for Pac.

    Duran quit much, much closer to his prime but he's still remembered as one of the best ever. Mosley will be fine once the bad tastes leaves our mouths.
  15. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Come on Jack. He looked equally as bad in his last two fights. It's definitely the age factor.
  16. Jack1000

    Jack1000 Boxing Fanatic

    I think people knew that Pacquiao-Mosley was gonna be one-sided. They just think it wouldn't be so bad as for Shane to not even try after the knockdown. And this is the same Shane Mosley that had Floyd in more trouble than any time in Mayweather's career in that 2nd round, fought on even terms with Cotto, in a fight I thought Shane looked good in and won by a point, and the man who humbled Margarcheto.

    And Manny should have torn after him when he realized Shane had nothing. People don't like to see Mega Stars carry opponents like that, ESPECIALLY when they are paying $60 PPV.

    And what really sucks is that instead of replaying the classic barn-burner of Arce-Vasquez, Showtime's gonna replay this disguising Pacquiao-Mosley crap fest. They should fuck the replay of that fight and show the Arce-Vasquez war, as the preview to the live call of Ward-Abraham, which figures to be one-sided anyway. Anyone wanna e-mail Showtime with this idea? LOL!!! Who's gonna want to see a replay of this shit?

  17. zboxz

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    lets face it we are all spoiled.

    we want the best to fight the best all the time.

    99% of the people are not boxing fans they are event fans. they will not support a local boxing card. If they see a record of 10-6 vs 10-5 they will not even look up to watch the contest no matter competitive it is.

    it is what it is. People do not was competition they only want greatness. If they get real lucky they get competition at the greatest levels.

    I am sure the fight was shit. Like all Mosley fights will be. And Mosley is far from alone in that regard toss in every big name old fighter in there as well, Holyfield, De la Hoya, Hopkins and the list goes on and on of guys that are well beyond their prime and now are fighting for the easy money well beyond the end of what should have been a legendary career.
  18. Michael Matos

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    Not surprised, going in Mosley hadn't won a fight in two years and Pacquiao was never going to be the fighter to break the streak against. When 39 year old fighters tell you that you are going to be surprised by what you are going to see it usually means a worse version of the fighter is going to show up and the only surprise is how inept he is. I didn't expect a competitive fight and I didn't get one.
  19. amth

    amth Guest

    there is NO way Shane should have been in that ring saturday night.
    it is painfully obvious to anyone that cares, that mosley is punch drunk and a shell of his former self
  20. amth

    amth Guest

    also this may get me lynched BUT
    enough of the manny is an all time top fighter

    who has he beaten?

    a washed up mosley
    a washed up cotto
    a washed up hatton
    a washed up Barrera
    a washed up morales
    a washed up ODLH
    an over rated margarito and clottey

    the only opponent of his that impressed me was JMM and those wins are debatable and by the skin of his teeth

    I am not saying pacman is fun to watch and a great fighter

    but an all time great fighter like people are saying..... get the heck out of here

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