Saunders vs. Lemieux (Any Opinions?)

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  1. I say Saunders gets homesick by the opening bell!

    I can't see Billy Joe really rockin' Dave.... So, I will go Lemieux via close decision.
    Home "town" decision but close all the same.

    Which of course sets the stage for the big rematch across the pond.

    True Prognostication !
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  2. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

    I was at GGG /Lemieux at the Garden. I don't remember seeing Saunders fight offhand, even on tv, although I know who he is. I will say GGG systematically took Lemieux apart for the tko after Lemieux once going down previously was getting tattered and bloodied along the way. He was very game though and got some decent shots though ineffective against ggg here and there. I know he has won a small number of fights since . Saunders appears to be a decent boxer with a good punch although not a GGG level figher so I can see a decision going to him despite the home crowd. If GGG could not deck Lamieuxs for good the seven rounds or so before it being called, with all GGG' s angles and skill then Saunders probably will not knock him out, but a decision most likely. Again as the Long Island Medium asks..does that make sense?
  3. GGG was nailing him all night with the jab... but his jab (much like Charles"Sonny" Liston's) is for all intents & purposes a power shot.
    Lemieux is a southpaw with a nice rangy jab, but hasn't thrown it with high frequency...I think averaging something like 7 lands per round.
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  4. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    I'm going to take Lemieux. Saunders will run into one before the night's over.
  5. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

    I was re-thinking that if Saunders gets overanxious and Lemieux takes what he dishes out, which he may then the fight could go the other way. The real Bad news is I cancelled HBO and kept Showtime cause Showtime and ESPN have the better fights lately but I may have to rethink this. I also miss Bill Maher's show and his sense of humor.
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  6. After Maher's quip about suicide bombers being braver than our Brothers-in-Arms??
  7. On a side note.... Few things make Ol' Dickie B as "hard" as when the Middleweight division is hustlin' & bustlin' as what it has always historically been... The Grand Central Station of Boxing talent.

    True Long & Hard, Story!
  8. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

    I don't like some of his politics and dislike his lifestyle totally but find him funny in his delivery and some of his points.. I missed the bomber thing he said and don't know what he means by brother at arms.. as I don't have HBO. I knew you would say something..that one was a softball thrown your way...
    BTW I wonder since it has been a while...did you make money on Pharaoh in all three races or did you go for long shots? for the triple crown? Only two folks in my cyber or physical life know racing real well.. my brother in law and you...
  9. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf


    First 6 rounds Saunders totally dominating like ggg did. Watching a boxing blog.
  10. Lemieux is looking like the Royale with Cheese I once squeezed outta my ass after eating at a Montreal McDonalds.

    True Story
  11. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf


    Saunders by UD..not given breakdown but sounds like he probably won every round ....I'm sure they will never meet for a part two overseas...Saunders has a future with GGG or Alverez winner probably.
  12. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

    I got the same thing happen to me after eating at a popeyes in Montreal..true story...I was 23 and went with my wife to Montreal hitting the dance clubs...only thing more irritating was hearing freakin French all around me....
  14. Reminiscent of the gefilte fish that swam outta my ass in the crapper of a delicatessen on Flatbush Avenue. Oyyyyy!!!

    True Story!
  15. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

    you are supposed to kill it before you eat it. In your parlance, what a schmuck!
  16. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    for all those assholes who say "the art of hitting without getting hit".

    yeah, but when you hit with no power and avoid getting hit by holding like saunders did, FUCK THAT AND FUCK YOU.

    finito lopez used to hit and hard without getting hit. he used his bending and his offense as defense. thats what we want to see.
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  17. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    there you go, kinich...a "big man". your type of fighter.

    no thanks.....i'll stick to gallito estrada, choco gonzalez, nietes, or inoue.
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  18. Sure, BJ Saunders pitched a shutout against Marcel Marceau...or whatever moniker this frog clown goes by.... He won't if he ever gets froggy enough to jump in with GGG.

    True Omen!
  19. In a somehwat related topic... Marcel Cerdan would've mopped the floor with the both of 'em....and that's after the plane crash.
  20. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    saunders vs THERE'S a big man thriller for kinich to enjoy.

    i'll stick to midgets...thanks!

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