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    Today I got into it on Twitter with the editor of Ring Magazine, actually it started a couple of days ago. On Thursday Ring Magazine posted a tweet that said Harry Greb vs Gene Tunney was Ring Magazine's 1922 fight of the year. As most of you know I collect Boxing Memorabilia and one of things in my collection is the Ring Magazine Record Book and Boxing Encyclopedia and I have a large collection of them and I also have good memory and something about that struck me as not right so I went back and checked my collection and Ring Magazine didn't begin giving out Fight of the Year awards until . So I messaged the editor and asked him what's up with that. No answer. Okay.

    Today they send out a tweet saying that Ali was a six time Ring Magazine fighter of the year and one oft the years he won was 1966. Again my Boxing bullshit indicator alarm went off , I go back and check and sure enough there was no Fighter of the Year Award in 1966. I messaged them again and asked whats up with that. i got a somewhat condescending reply back that said that Ring Magazine had decided to retroactively give the ward to Ali. They have no right to do that, they just own the name, they don't own the rights to change the decisions that were made 50 years ago when they have no connection to that version of the magazine.
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    That's pretty disgusting, but it's not surprising. The Ring has been shit for awhile. What next? Are they going to name De La Hoya the greatest WW of all-time?
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    It's 2020 so yeah I'd say the Ring Magazine has gone to shit. Or any magazine or newspaper for that matter lol. Why TF did Oscar buy the Ring Magazine? Why didn't he buy all the blockbusters while he was at it:loling:.

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