Ricky Hatton’s cocaine shame! World champion boxer caught on camera snorting line.

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    Hell no man. Hatton is a very personable guy. I've seen him on more than on occasion too.
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    who the fuck are you again? why do you follow me around like a puppy with your nose in my ass?

    are you a child? seriously?

    sorry...i don't believe in fantasies anymore.

    you think you have more boxing experience than me?

    don't ask dumb fucking questions troll. you want live in awe of other men?, go ahead...i am not queer like that.
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    I actually happen to like Ricky...He seems like a real cool cat but I did read something negative press about his character. I hope he gets his life back together. I don't wish anything ill against him.
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    :24: :24: :24:
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    I read that he started cocaine after Pacquiao KTFO of him. That was a tough loss to take. I hope he can recover.
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    Joe can relate...he knows all about drug use/addiction...don't you Joe?
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    Why is this not surprising? I truly wish Hatton the best.
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    no a garlic picker.
  10. so thats what frank bruno is up to these days :funny: or was it seldon?:haha:

    looks like hatton needs boxing more than boxing needs him..first food, now drugs?

    it appears the discipline of boxing held him in check...now? too much time/money on his hands

    maybe boxing can 'save' his life?
  11. LONDON -- Former world champion Ricky Hatton was stripped of his boxer's license Thursday after he was found guilty of misconduct by the British Boxing Board of Control following newspaper revelations of drug use.

    Hattan also was fined $31,000 at the board hearing Wednesday but kept his promoter's license.

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    Looks like Ricky's nose wasn't only reserved to nose candy.

    Ricky cheated with me for 11 months and I really fell for him but then he dumped me to go back to fiancée Jen

    By Nick Owens 3/10/2010


    Shamed boxer Ricky Hatton cheated on his devoted fiancée by embarking on a passionate 11-month affair with a female fighter - after she asked him for his autograph.

    The former world champion went behind the back of his loyal bride-to-be Jennifer Dooley and jumped into bed with blonde Emma Bowe during a string of hotel sex sessions.

    In their most recent meeting, just weeks ago, "Hitman" Hatton snorted lines of cocaine then slept with Emma at a hotel a stone's throw from the £3million mansion he shares with his fiancée - which they've named "Heartbreak Hotel".

    Our revelations will devastate former college lecturer Jennifer, who is currently helping her best friend Coleen Rooney cope with husband Wayne's cheating.

    Trusting Jennifer, 31, has already been floored by video footage which emerged last month of Hatton snorting line after line of cocaine. She vowed to stand by Ricky, who has checked into rehab, after his public exposure for drug abuse.

    But his heartless betrayal of her with smitten Emma will put his and Jennifer's five-year relationship under tremendous strain.

    Today, in an exclusive interview, Emma tells how Ricky promised to dump his fiancée for her after she was flattered by his attentions. And she warns that dad-of-one Hatton, 31, will die unless he kicks the drugs which now blight his life.

    "When I went to bed with Ricky, it was like my dreams had come true," Emma, 29, said. "He was my idol and I couldn't believe he wanted to be with me. I knew about Jennifer and how she was his fiancée, but I was just so flattered Ricky was interested in me. We had a wild time together. He'd snort cocaine before sex, then want to cuddle up afterwards and watch a love film. I saw a side to Ricky people don't see. He's kind and gentle. He's like a teddy bear - and I fell hopelessly in love."
    Emma - current Irish senior women's boxing champion - met Hatton last October when he flew to Dublin promoting a new crop of boxers.

    Emma, who is set to compete for Ireland in the 2012 Olympics, travelled with a pal from her hometown of Bundoran, County Donegal in the hope of seeing him.

    "Ricky's my favourite boxer and I'd go out of my way to see his fights," Emma says. "My dad and I would buy them on pay-per-view and get up at 3am to watch his US fights. When he lost to Manny Pacquiao (in May last year), I cried my eyes out."
    Star-struck Emma, an events manager, went to Jury's Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin where Ricky was staying.

    "He was in a tracksuit and a cap and didn't look sexy, but my heart still leapt when I saw him. There were hundreds around so I just sat in the bar. Minutes later, he walked in and ordered a Guinness. I plucked up the courage to introduce myself and told him I was a boxer. He was polite and I had a picture taken with him. He kept staring at me and when I got up to go, he asked if I wanted to meet later. He grinned, 'I'll look better when you get back. Nice and dapper'."

    Later, as promised, Hatton was waiting with a bottle of white wine on ice for her. "I never thought Ricky would be there," Emma says. "He was dressed smartly. I thought, 'Wow, he's really making an effort'."

    Ricky and Emma went to Dublin nightclub The Wright Venue, where Hatton sank pint after pint of Guinness. Then, when Emma came out of the toilets in a VIP-section of the bar, Ricky was waiting. "He grabbed my hand and kissed me," she said. "I was shocked and said, 'What are you doing?' He said, 'Shouldn't I be doing that?' But before I could answer he'd kissed me again. We were surrounded by models in the club who had all been flirting with Ricky - but he only had eyes for me."

    Brazen Hatton, reputed to be worth £50million at the height of his success, kissed and cuddled Emma all night, making no effort to hide it from other clubbers - as Jennifer waited at their home 160 miles away across the Irish Sea.

    "People were taking pictures. I said, 'Ricky, we should be careful'... but he didn't care. It was like Ricky wanted to be caught. I did think about Jennifer and was in two minds. I felt bad because I'd hate to be cheated on. But when he kissed me, I didn't want it to end."

    Ricky then invited Emma back to his hotel room. She says: "He treated me like we'd been together for years. Lots of hugging, kissing and affection.

    "After we had sex, I was in the bathroom and he came up behind me, gave me a hug and rested his head on my shoulders. He said, 'You are a gorgeous girl, I'm so glad I met you'. I felt like the luckiest girl alive."

    The next morning Emma prepared to sneak out, assuming it had been a one-night stand. But Hatton insisted she stay and they spent three days together.

    Emma has photos of a naked Hatton sprawled on the bed, covered partly by a duvet, during the three-day romp. And she has photos of the tattoo on his back, reading: "Hitman ... Pride in Battle". Emma says Hatton never mentioned Jennifer, who has been at ringside for all of his battles and who he proudly took to Buckingham Palace in 2007 to collect his MBE.

    But he DID speak to her on the phone... while having sex with Emma.

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    :24: :24: :24:

    So she knows he's with her whilst cheating on his girlfriend, and also given the fact that although rich Hatton is a fat ugly little cunt, she felt like the luckiest girl alive? :slap:
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    lol! :rotf::rotf: Well put. Bitch is just out to get some attention and sell the story.
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    Whenever you quote a post of mine when I'm in full potty mouth mode, I actually feel guilty about it.

    Also if Hatton rested his chin on her shoulder, how come he didn't knock himself out?
  18. seems eons ago when he was 'fatton' and food was his vice...
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    Actually Hattons problem has always been more alcohol than food, as I understand it. He always was a ridiculous binge drinker when not in training, and a Guinness drinker at that :eeeeeky: That shit will bloat you up really badly if you're drinking it 24x7 like he was. He was never destined for a long career with his lifestyle. Shame really because if he'd actually looked after himself he might just have given the likes of Floyd and Pac better fights. Not saying he'd have beaten them but he would surely have done better had he been more dedicated.

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