Ranking the Current Top 20 Mexican/Mexican-American Fighters

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Rebel

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    Has anyone else tried to rank the top 20? I aimed for 20 but somehow the list got up to 50 with 10-15 prospects. That's nearly 70 Mexican/Mexican-American fighters. Mexico's pool is deeeeeeeeeeep.

    Putting together a top 20 Asian/Asian-American list would be fun. Valdosta put one together for the site a few years ago.
  2. Valdosta

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    Currently there's only about 10 real good Asian fighters looking through fightnews.

    1. Pacquiao
    2. Donaire
    3. Pong
    4. Chris John
    5. Nishioka
    6. Uchiyama
    7. Ioka
    8. Koki Kameda
    9. Aoh
    10. Shimoda
  3. Mexican Eagle

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    Where do you you guys rate Francisco TobareƱaz AKA El Verguillas?

    Here is his documentary(in spanish only) of this legendary fighter of Ciudad Juarez....:mexsmiley:

  4. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    martin "gallito" Castillo has been retired more than 7 years and he's still better than a lot of today's crop.

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