Prograis-Velesco, Pacquiao-Mathysse

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  1. Michael Matos

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    Just getting ready to tune in to Regis Prograis vs Velesco on ESPN. I like Prograis, good puncher and at 140 he is in a good spot with Crawford having left the division he can claim the landscape.

    Pacquiao vs Mathysse is on ESPN+ which I still haven't sprung for so I'll go with the shitty stream. Interesting fight Pacquiao should be able to stay a step ahead of slow ass Mathysse but it's just as likely Pacquiao runs into one or more.
  2. Michael Matos

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    As I was saying Prograis is a good puncher, he knocked down Velasco 4 times before Velasco's corner pulled the plug in the 8th. All the knockdowns were off body shots.
  3. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    Pacquiao steamrolled Mathysse, stopping him in the 7th. Mathysse was knocked down in the 3rd,5th and after Pacquiao dropped him again in the 7th referee Kenny Bayless had seen enough. Mathysse never threatened and never came close to winning a round.
  4. Hawaiianpunch

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    Great match making. Pacman looked like a monster again but those of us that know the sport know Manny will look his age again if he steps in with the top dogs in his division. I used to like Lucas... but I'm sorry he has a quitter mentality. He folds easier than a lawn chair now days.
  5. Michael Matos

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    I thought he was going to pack it in when he took the knee in the fifth.
  6. mex fighter

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    To me, 59.397% of pac's fights are suspicious.
  7. Ringside

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    Just came back from Alaska(Fish were jumping all over Mike) and almost all the workers on the cruise were from the Philippian's. I was talking to them about both fighters but they seemed like very casual fans. I told them Mathysse would be probably knocked out beforehand. He peaked after a long string of early wins a long time ago in my opinion. He fought I believe a fighter , Castellano on tv from Argentina, re,mber watching it, during his better years. He has lost quite a few important fights with name fighters in the past years starting more or less with Judah.
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