Panama Lewis Passes Away.

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    The world of Boxing is full of unsavory characters, phonies, fakes, and frauds and other assorted assholes but earlier today the sports ultimate scumbag Panama Lewis passed away. Lewis was the main player in one of Boxing's darkest moment when on the undercard of the Roberto Duran vs Davey Moore fight a Lewis fighter by the name of Luis Resto won a 10 round decision over up and coming prospect Billy Collins Jr. Not only did he win a decision but the light punching Resto busted up Collins face to the point he was unrecognizable.

    After the decision Resto went to Collins corner to shake hands and when he shook hands with Collins father Billy Sr. Collins noticed that Resto's glove hardly had any padding in them and he never let go of Resto's gloves until a commission member came to check them. The gloves were impounded and then inspected where it was revealed that significant amount of padding had been removed from both gloves via a hole cut in the palm of the gloves. Further inspection of Resto's handwraps revealed they had been covered in cement dust and had hardened when Resto's hands began to sweat. Collins would never fight again due to eye injuries sustained in the Resto fight and would die a year later in an auto accident in which many close to Collins think was a suicide.

    Lewis and Resto were charged with assault, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy and Lewis also had an additional charge of tampering. Both were found guilty and Resto was sentenced to 30 months and Lewis 6 years. Resto also testified that Lewis had removed the padding in two of his previous fights and also ground up asthma medication to a powder and mixed it in the water bottles. That revelation lend credence to the accusation that Lewis had tampered with Aaron Pryor's water bottle in Pryor's fight with Alexis Arvuello when Lewis was overheard on the HBO broadcast telling another cornerman to "Give me the one I mixed" between rounds.

    It's my custom to give the dearly departed a Gone On sendoff but not Panama Lewis. Fuck that guy.
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    Great write up, MM. Yep, boxing is dangerous enough when folks fight fair - fuck Panama Lewis.

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