Pacquiao vs. Marquez III....Final predictions/Results

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ron Champ Miller, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Pacquiao-Marquez generates biggest live gate Las Vegas has seen in four years

    The numbers for the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez live gate at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas are in and the event was a huge success producing the biggest boxing crowd in years in the boxing mecca. According to Keith Kizer, Executive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, there were 15,498 tickets sold for the fight, the most for a Nevada boxing event since Mayweather-De La Hoya in May 2007, and second-most since Hopkins-De La Hoya in September 2004. Gross sales were $11,648,300, #9 all-time in Nevada.

    lets do it again!
  2. Joe King

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    Can you PM it? Thanks.
  3. blackrican23

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    done :thumby:
  4. Remus

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    i just watched this fight. nice fight to look at really. if i did predict the fight, i would have predicted manny to win by a convincing decision winning at least 9 rnds.

    i didnt score the fight at the time but i must admit that when i heard the decision and the scores i was a little surprised. i was thinking SD Pacman or a draw. i didnt see a UD there and certainly not by any margin. the thing is though, marq's style is gonna struggle to appeal to judges. counterpunchers have to execute flawlessly and they have to execute consistently. i dint think marq did that. when pac won rounds he banked them. when marq won rnds he hedged them. he was depending on the judges scoring for the technique and the 3 minutes rather than what judges really do which is look for scoring shots and ring position.

    havent read the whole thread but i did catch a couple of posts about marq executing perfectly or something. he may have executed his stragety perfectly but it wasnt perfect execution. he did well, much better than i would have thought he'd do but he simply wasn't aggressive enuf and he was both too respectful of pacs power and too cautious of pacs power. judges see that as pacman wanting to fight and jmm wanting to score points but be safe at the same time. for a fighter, thats really hedging and you cant be screaming blue murder when you dont get the nod.

    after seeing this fight i'm more convinced that floyd is gonna smack the crap outta manny. hes a far better and prettier counterpuncher who lands more clean accurate shots. floyd would be looking at that knowing that he just has to dictate pace and win a decision cos he will snap mannys head back and look good doing what jmm looked a little safe doing.

    "unfair" decision ? maybe. robbery ? nope.

    freddy is getting alot worse. i felt so bad listening to him. my heart really goes out to the guy.
  5. Mexican Eagle

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    He's got the same thing as Micheal J. Fox right? It's pretty amazing the guy is such a phenomenal trainer even with his disease.

    Now back to your post....In so many could have just said you thought Manny won. As much credit as you give Marquez in your post you never once said you thought Marquez won. No surprise there. Unless you're a pac fanboy I don't see how you could say pac won. But you know... everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    In my opinion Pac did fight aggressively but not effectively or intelligently. He really looked out of his element almost confused at times. To me this fight really reminded me of the DLH-Trinidad fight and just like Hopkins got the blue print from DLH, Mayweather got the blue print from Marquez on how to beat Pac.
  6. Valdosta

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    He didn't need a "blueprint", he's better than JMM and Pacquiao.
  7. El tanke

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    i SAW IT THE SAME WAY AS YOU DID. Although if the decision had been given to Marquez, I wouldnt have cried robbery, like I didnt cry robbery because it was given to pacquiao. He was the champion and most rounds were pretty close. I watched it again last night, with no volume like rebel suggested, and I scored it 6-6 again a draw in my book. Which means neither one looked like the clear winner, and I have no problem with pacquiao retaining his title. Bring on PBF, Im sure he will dispose of PAcman in clear fashion.
  8. El tanke

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    I agree
  9. Mexican Eagle

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    That's a pretty stupid statement. I don't care if you're Ali, Sugar Ray or bitch ass Mayweather. All fighters watch tapes of their opponents. Don't think Mayweather wasn't taking note of this fight.
  10. El tanke

    El tanke Member

    Regardless, I think Mayweather is just better than both, and he will also beat pacquiao.
  11. steve_dave

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  12. Laztrooper

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    PAC Arrested for Robbery

  13. mex fighter

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    now thats fucking funny right there^^^

    who ever came up with that did some good work.

    as authentic as can be.
  14. Rabid Kimba

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    No seas barbero, buey!

  15. Agree. I watched the fight the night of and the next day, with no sound. It was not by any stretch, a robbery. I had Pac winning by 7-5 rounds. I could see the fight being a draw or even a close decision to Marquez depending on the scoring of a couple of rounds, but calling it a robbery? Bullchisi.
  16. Spot on.
  17. neo_wolf

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    These 2 are like Ali and Frazier, all of their fights will always be close.
  18. Valdosta

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    When you are vastly surprior to your opponent it don't really matter. Floyd will fight Pacquiao smartly like he does anyone else. It don't really matter how JMM fought Pacquiao. Floyd beat the shit out of him anyways.
  19. El tanke

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    :nodding: couldnt have said it better.
  20. Mexican Eagle

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    You're turning this into something personal, I'm not saying that JMM is better than Mayweather not sure why you mentioned he beat the shit out of Marquez LOL? kind of irrelevant to my point since pac and JMM have totally different styles. I'm not sure why you put Floyd up on a pedestal like he is beyond learning anything new. The guy's training camp is not different than other boxers. Part of a good camp is watching videos of your opponents. Floyd is no different.

    Not really sure how you could say with certainty that Mayweather is vastly superior to Pac? Based on what? that is only your opinion not a fact. Until the two step in the ring anything can happen. Haven't we made this mistake before? Just because Pac struggled with JMM doesn't mean Mayweather is gonna win. Boxing doesn't work like that.

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