Pacquiao-Marquez Live Fight Card Discussion

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    At this point, it doesn't matter if Marq juiced or not.

    It was awesome to see Pac starched to shit.
  2. Goyo

    Goyo Member

    marquez is the greatest fighter since ray leonard
  3. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Be careful. Several are going to soon come at you with pitch forks.
  4. Black Gatti

    Black Gatti Member

    Yea, this steve_dave guy seems like a dick. What kinda name is that anyways?lol
  5. Black Gatti

    Black Gatti Member

    Just to keep things in perspective, I like JMM too but he's not on Chavez' level just yet. He also has 2 losses to that same all time great. And when u talk about longevity, Chavez was 89-0 before his first lose. Let's see if JMM even gets to 89 total fights.

    CHUCHU Marquez is God!!!

    Earlier in this thread the hypothetical match between Whitaker and Mayweather was mentioned. Those two words should never, ever be mentioned in the same sentence. Talk about the worse boxing mythical matchup EVER!!! I would rather have my testicles crushed or be water boarded than watch or think of those two terrible excuse for prize fighters, fight. What a horrific thought.

    I will never understand their popularity.
  7. Playboy

    Playboy Member

    They were the best at making you miss.
  8. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    they were the best at curing insomnia.

    mexican fans want to see chingazos (hard punches), not some fucker dance around.

    yeah, yeah, its about hitting and not getting hit....for the fighter. for the fan, its about hitting and getting hit and going balls out on your shield.

    think about it, ALL fights of the year involve a two way slugfest, not a guy making another guy miss. why do you think that is?
  9. Mexican Eagle

    Mexican Eagle Member

    Mayweather if fun to guys seriously don't think MW is entertaining? Given he's no warrior but having that undefeated record makes watching his fights exciting. He's the guy you love to hate. I won't lie I'm not a fan but always watch to see him lose. I have found to respect the guy as a champion. As a person he's a dick.
  10. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    fun to watch when he was young. boring as fuck when he started that whole standing sideways/shoulder roll bullshit.
  11. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    1. One of Chavez's early fights was a DQ loss which was mysteriously changed to a first round KO many years later.

    2. Chavez padded a ton against total bums early on in his career and even at times after he became known.

    3. Chavez fizzled at 32-33 and got owned by Randall, an inconsistent fighter whose claim to fame was giving Chavez problems.

    4. JMM may have two official losses on his record to Pacquiao, but Pacquiao has never clearly defeated him. There are many who feel JMM deserved victories in those prior fights. Hence, we should use our own eyes rather than swallow questionable decisions and bogus ratings (For Example: The Ring's latest p4p ratings) like blind sheep.
  12. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    I gotta disagree man. Mayweather vs. Mosley was boring. Mayweather vs. Baldomir was boring. Mayweather vs. Zab Judah was boring. Mayweather vs. Marquez was boring. Seeing him toy around with someone he is better than and not get rid of him because he is scared to take any risks or get hit back does not make for an entertaining fight. It's great for Mayweather because he keeps his undefeated record in tact but that's it. And that's all he's got at this point to sell himself. Nobody tunes in to see his exciting fights. They watch because he talks a lot of shit about how much money he has and how great he is and they hope beyond reason that his overmatched opponent can spring an upset and shut his mouth.
  13. Goyo

    Goyo Member

    mayweather vs baldomir and marquez were boring. mayweather walked down and beat the shit out of mosley and judah.
  14. Playboy

    Playboy Member

    I hear you & I kind of agree but at the end of the day,you need a boxer that is good enough to overcome that.I don't like seeing boxers move around that much & avoid combat but they have the right to do so & someone has to cut off the ring.Commit to the body & a ref that is willing to let them work themselves out of a clench would help but these guys are so good it is hard to really test them.
  15. Playboy

    Playboy Member

    My sentiments exactly.
  16. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    look at rebel and his revisionist history.

    whatever, man.
  17. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

  18. gushiken

    gushiken Member

    So Whitaker ran against Chavez, Ramirez and Nelson?? Really?
  19. usheer

    usheer Member

    "If you want to stimulate speed, power and strength, you do it using heavy weight and exploding from under that weight with enough on your shoulders in the squat rack"

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