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Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Dec 8, 2012.

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    I don't wanna be mean because I don't find bodily harm funny but have you seen the pix on the Internet?
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    Some Filipino created this one. Funny stuff.

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    The funniest one from the Mexico slideshow is this one. Well, it's hilarious if you understand Spanish.

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    [​IMG][​IMG] The_Last_Supper_Pacquiao.jpg [​IMG][​IMG]

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    My Personal Fav:

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    :haha: :haha: :haha:
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    It's more like how many Mexicans does it take to beat pacquiao? Juan + P.E.D'S lol.
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    joey, how many tests have JMM and Pac failed? How many has Mayweather failed?
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    NOSEly need them against oscar.
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    Wrong. I suggest you do some research.
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    I have also done some research and highly credible sources say Mayweather failed not one but 3 different tests. He has been the one who has cried the loudest when it comes to other boxers "allegedly" using peds. It could be a strategy to divert the attention away from his own dirty secrets. From what I read Mayweather got away because he was " excused under the inadvertant use provision". I'm sure if we dig deep enough we could find dirt on any fighter. Mayweather is a hypocrite. I remember when he talked shit about Chico my role model and favorite boxer(for beating his wife) then turns around and beats up his baby momma. What's up with that? Nigga please!!
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    Your revising history right before our eyes. Even in the rematch against Castillo, Mayweather only won 115-113 on two of the cards, that's 7 rounds to 5. Not the wide decision you speak of. One round would have swung and it would have been a draw.

    But you're right, it was an improvement over his first fight with Castillo though, which Mayweather made excuses for because he knew he lost the fight.

    Castillo was Chavez' sparring partner. He did many of the same moves, but was worse than Chavez in every attribute.

    Mayweather has looked sensational for most of his career, but the facts are the facts. Mayweather stunk against Castillo.
  20. joey83

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    Lol wrong, really? What your refering to is mayweather taking something to help with his hands, firstly he wasnt aware it was a banned substance, secondly its not really a performance enhancing drug which helps him put on muscle or be faster it was to help his hands from the pain only and id much rather have him use that instead of taking a year or 2 off because of his hands, the best boxer of our generation and it would have been a shame to have him miss a year or 2. Lastly he was never suspended for it so obviously im agreed with :)

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