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    Providing Linares gets by Crolla in their rematch next month that's a fight that could be made. My comment was more about "Paper Champ" then it was about Garcia. If you look at "Paper Champ" he became known when he defeated Ricky Burns by decision and Burns was coming off a loss and draw in his last two fights before fighting "Paper Champ". The next time we saw "Paper Champ" he beat Redkach who was undefeated at the time but very limited. "Paper Champ" won the title he lost To Garcia by beating a fighter who after suffering his first loss racked up nine straight victories before fighting "Paper Cahmp" over fighters who had and it's not a typo 186 losses between them. Garcia did what he as supposed to do against "Paper Champ".
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    I read today that it wasn't allowed to hit Rousey in the face during sparring. That explains a lot.

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