Nevada OK's Instant Replay and Medical News

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    Here is the news from Nevada on Instant Replay.

    The Nevada State Boxing Commission has approved Instant Replay for both boxing and MMA contests by a unanimous 5-0 vote. It still must be formally approved by the State Legislature, and if so will be on the books either for Mayweather-Marquez or shortly thereafter. It depends on when paperwork is filed:

    It will be an optional rule at the discretion of the referee for the fight. It will ONLY be used during stoppages in fights if the ref is unsure about whether cuts come from punches or headbutts. Calls on knockdowns, slips, low blows, will NOT apply under Instant Replay at this point in time.

    In other news, Nevada overturned a former rule that prohibits boxers from applying for a license in the state because of a brain hemorrhage. Boxing such as Edwin Velero will now be allowed to apply for a license in Nevada. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL BE ALLOWED TO BOX FOR SURE, IT JUST MEANS THAT BOXERS CAN APPLY FOR A LICENSE IF THEY HAVE HAD A BRAIN INJURY IN THE PAST. Medical testing and clearance checks will still be enforced as always. More from ESPN notes from the commission director here:

    Story here:

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    Who in their right mind would want to fight again after a brain hemorrhage ?
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    LOTS of fighters.

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