Multiple Reports ..Frazier is near death

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ringside, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Ringside

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    I saw one report early today and waited for others but it is apparently true the Joe Frazier may be days or even hours from death due to his bad liver. Always sad to hear of a legend passing. As far as I saw on local T.V. he has been living a simple life above his gym with probably very little money...hope he passes with no pain. Ringo
  2. Joe King

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    Sad to hear.
  3. Ringside

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    There is a memorial developing where his gym used to be . It is a furniture store now. Maybe I'll get down there when I finish work beofree the weekend. I'm still looking out for public services. He used to make himself well seen in Philly. Last saw him at the Hopkins parade but I don't go downtown more than once a month or so.. He did run around town and dressed often fly like the early seventies the few times I saw him here..he enjoyed the attention. I got to say Ali was very nasty to Joe and his family. Joe was never able to shake it off. RIP

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