MMA Twice As Popular As Boxing

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Michael Matos, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    Saw a poll on one of the ESPN morning talk shows where the questions was what do you enoy more MMA, Boxing or Neither. 22% favored Boxing, 44% favored MMA, and 33% said neither
  2. Joe King

    Joe King Member

    Hmm. Why do main event boxers get paid 10x more than MMA main event fighters?
  3. the 33 percent is pretty startling to me...
  4. TLC

    TLC Member

    MMA is twice as visible as boxing as well.

    The correlation between these two facts is unknown.
  5. TFK

    TFK Clutch

    I'd say the numbers seem right. While there may be a small handful of boxers who outdraw the top MMA fighters, as a whole I think it's clear that MMA right now is much more popular than boxing.

    And, as the poll showed, there are a lot of people who don't care about either.

  6. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    Thank You. Thats the one that made me go hmmmmm.
  7. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    Thanks for answering my question in the other thread. Good looking out.
  8. In the age of television, it's no wonder. Football changed the way the game was played to accommodate TV. Basketball, baseball, etc even Tennis have a set amount of time in a broadcast. With the exception of overtime play, they can count on a certain number of hours and sell a certain number of ads. Look at the way UFC has been set up, at this point there's always several fights broadcast on a card. Boxing? It can be over quick. 3 fights on a TV card and all knockouts, now what do we show?

    At any rate, too little bang for the buck for a lot of young athletes. There was a wild west moment in the late 90's, early 2000's when it seemed the heavyweight division was flush with comers from other sports, but these days, it seems to be going towards the UFC. I dunno. I've accepted that boxing is now a niche sport.
  9. BJ*

    BJ* Member

    really? you think 33 is high or low?

    i would suspect that MOST people don't give a fuck about combat sports.

    of course if this was a poll on a sports channel then i guess the respondents are mostly male...but even then, every old guy loves the NFL and Golf but probably has little use for boxing or MMA...
  10. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    they must've polled white guys between 18-35 that just got off their bmx bikes or skateboards.

    the most common reply? "yeah bro, i like mma more!"
  11. TFK

    TFK Clutch

    Simple. You show fights from the non-televised undercard. Not only does this give the viewer something better to watch than pointless filler, it also exposes younger fighters to the viewers that they might not have seen or heard of before. It only makes sense to start building new stars for the future, especially if it's on the undercard of a major fight.

  12. Mexican Eagle

    Mexican Eagle Member

    I'm not sure why boxing fans are so worried about the sports popularity in comparison to MMA. We know boxing is not a major sport any more. Plenty of sports exceed boxing in terms of popularity. Football, Basketball and Baseball so we can add MMA to the list...I boxing is not going away, it still has a fan base. Boxing is still better than MMA IMO.
  13. Mexican Eagle

    Mexican Eagle Member

    wow how do you build a major boxing star? LOL

    Boxing greats were born with talent. Guys like Ali, Leonard, Duran never had tv networks pampering their asses. You either have it or you don't. You can put a turd inside a nice looking paper bag but in the end it's still just a bag of shit.
  14. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Probably because boxing has been around for much longer, over a century longer.
  15. TFK

    TFK Clutch

    How do you build stars? By giving them exposure.

    How hard would it be, during a major PPV, in between fights, to show highlights of the non-televised undercard fights? If some young fighter has a highlight reel KO on the undercard, and the 1.5 Million fans that paid to see Mayweather get to see this KO, don't you think that many of them will remember that fighter's name and be interested in seeing that fighter again?

  16. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    33% seems pretty damn high to me. NFL is clearly the most popular sport in the country right now but you would think if people love to see people get crippled on the field they'd enjoy seeing combat sports as well.
    Ofcourse the question is kind of worded weird. Maybe some people answered neither because they enjoy both equally? :555:
  17. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    I do a lot of campainging amongst my friends and family to keep boxing relevant and keep them informed on what's going on. Even with people I meet it seems like I find a way to bring up boxing. :lol: And I agree I don't think it's going anywhere it's definitely at one of it's all time lows but I think at it's core boxing is too beautiful to ever die.

    And although it sucks to see it cast aside and ignored it makes being a fan that much more fulfilling I think. I may never meet Michael Jordan or Derek Jeter or any other big name professional but I've met Roberto Duran and Shane Mosley and Fernando Vargas. And I can go to fights and meet young stars or even retired pros and they're cool and they appreciate the fan support. That's what I enjoy most about being a boxing fan I think. The fighters are still regular hard working Joes like the rest of us.
  18. Mexican Eagle

    Mexican Eagle Member

    I agree 100% boxers are usually very humble and approachable people. I've met a few boxers and promoters that happened to be pretty nice people. Make no mistake about this boxing is still a Major sports in Mexico. We have boxing on every weeked on prime time. Most bars still show the PPV events. Boxing is a dying sport in the U.S but it's still huge in other countries.
  19. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    boxing is dead to americans that only follow heavyweights.

    boxing is alive and well with the meckzykins living in the u.s.
  20. Mexican Eagle

    Mexican Eagle Member

    Thats because white guys are better at wrestling. They like watching other whites guys dry hump each other that's a proven fact.

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